Sony stops making the Sony a6500 mirrorless camera?

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According to Sony Alpha Rumors , Sony’s discontinuation of the APS-C model Sony a6500 will reduce the total number of a6xx series cameras from five to four, a6000, a6100, a6400 and a6600. Sony has yet to comment on the information above.

Sony ngừng sản xuất máy ảnh không gương lật Sony a6500? - Ảnh 1.

In the fall of 2020, Sony stopped producing the a6300, which was released in 2016. When it was first released, the a6300 also boasts the fastest autofocus system in the world thanks to the highest number of AF points. on one sensor.

However, quite surprising when also in that year, Sony launched Sony a6500. The machine was the most powerful upgrade at that time of Sony for the a6xx series. It has the fastest autofocus and the highest number of AF points on the sensor at that time. It is also the first in the a6xx series to feature in-body vibration protection (IBIS).

The a6500 model led Sony’s APS-C line for a long time until Sony released its most powerful, improved version of the a6600 in 2019.

Sony ngừng sản xuất máy ảnh không gương lật Sony a6500? - Ảnh 2.

Model Sony a6500 has no longer appeared on the official sales page of Sony

Sony ngừng sản xuất máy ảnh không gương lật Sony a6500? - Ảnh 3.

The product is no longer sold on the shelves of third-party stores

So far, Sony has taken many steps that make a6xx series users find it difficult to understand. After suddenly “leap” from a6300 to a6500. In 2019, Sony released versions a6100, a6400 and a6600. The a6400 can be considered as a comprehensive upgrade of the a6300 and only inferior to the a6500 in some features. However, in general, the three new products make consumers more confused in choosing the right product for their needs.

Now that Sony has phased out the a6300 and a6500, consumers will have only four basic options. But now it’s also very difficult for users to choose between the a6000 and a6100.

Although the a6xx line is being narrowed, according to many rumors, Sony is about to launch a new APS-C camera model, although the official name is unknown. The machine is expected to be the next upgrade of the a6600 and equipped with a 32MP sensor, support for 10-bit 4K 60fps video recording, and a rotating screen like the a7C recently released.

Although this product is just a rumor now, but knowledgeable people believe that this product can be released at the end of this May.

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