Sony patents the Xperia smartphone “sticking out” on top and bottom

Tram Ho

Smartphone companies are still working hard to pursue the full screen design. One of the common solutions is to use a pop-up camera mechanism. Sony has never used the pop-up camera design on its smartphones, but it is bolder. It is the launch of an Xperia smartphone with a mechanism that sticks out both top and bottom.

According to the newly granted patent, Sony wants to create an Xperia smartphone with a pop-up camera mechanism at the top, and an external speaker that sticks out at the bottom. That means the bottom edge of the Xperia smartphone can be pulled down to reveal the speakerphone.

Sony đăng ký bằng sáng chế smartphone Xperia thò thụt cả trên lẫn dưới - Ảnh 1.

The upper edge will also have an external speaker, along with the selfie camera located in the right corner. Therefore, this Xepria smartphone will have dual speakers. But when not needed, the two external speakers will be hidden inside. Thanks to that, the design of the Xperia smartphone will be almost 100% screen.

The dual speakers will automatically pop out depending on the task the user is using, and can also be customized. When listening to the phone, both the top and bottom edges will also stick out. When taking a selfie, only the top edge of the smartphone sticks out. The two mechanisms of top and bottom indentation operate completely independently of each other.

Sony đăng ký bằng sáng chế smartphone Xperia thò thụt cả trên lẫn dưới - Ảnh 2.

Sony has registered this patent since 2018, and was just licensed earlier this month. Illustrative image of the patent shows that an Xperia smartphone has no bezel, the top and bottom are also very thin. However, the smartphone still has an angular design similar to the tradition of the Xperia series.

However, as we know, this is just a patent on paper. Therefore it is not possible to know when this unique idea of ​​Sony will come true.

Reference: Gizmochina

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