Sony announces 15-minute gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy once again adventure in the world of virtual machine dinosaurs

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This morning, during the State of Play event to introduce Sony’s upcoming projects, the game company announced the gameplay trailer of Horizon Forbidden West. The game is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, which continues the story of Aloy in his adventure to find the truth in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by dinosaurs.

Here are the first images of what you can do in HFW:

Gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West.

And here’s what I found:

– Aloy has added new tools for traveling in the open world: one is a handheld device that allows her to glide through the air, the other is a hook that allows Aloy to swing between high points.

– The time to “capture” a riding machine is noticeably shorter than the previous version.

– Combat between Aloy and real people is different than before. You can knock off each piece of armor on the enemy’s body, the same way you “peeled” every part of the giant mechanical creatures.

Sony công bố đoạn gameplay dài 15 phút của Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy một lần nữa phiêu lưu trong thế giới khủng long máy kỳ ảo - Ảnh 2.

– In addition to bow, crossbow and slingshot, Aloy will have a new weapon: javelin to launch. Lao will also be like the name, carrying on it’s own effects to weaken certain mechanical creatures. In addition, she will also possess bombs to throw. As in the trailer, Aloy uses smoke bombs to escape from the pursuit of the machines.

– Aloy can freely swim and explore the underwater world. At the end, the hologram map shows that Aloy will have to go out to sea to do missions, so the underwater levels will be a big part of Horizon Forbidden West.

While it’s still unclear what the main plot is, with a release date on PS5 expected in 2021, we’ll soon know the next chapter in Aloy’s adventures.

The new Horizon Zero Dawn was ported to PC in August of last year and was so successful that Sony excitedly announced its vague plan: it will continue to consider bringing other PlayStation exclusives to the game. PC system. So, it is likely that we will soon see Horizon Forbidden West land on PC.

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