Sony a7C has the same image quality as the a7 III: does Sony run out of ideas or make choices for users?

Tram Ho

Imaging Resource, one of the most trusted sites for image quality testing, has recently released the results for the newly released Sony a7C camera. And when we compare these pictures with the results of the Sony a7 III series that was released in 2018, there is a surprising similarity.

Sony a7C có chất lượng ảnh y hệt a7 III: Sony hết ý tưởng hay tạo sự lựa chọn cho người dùng? - Ảnh 1.

This confirms that the a7C of 2020 and the a7 III of 2018 share the same sensor. According to some experts, this sensor is even used in many other brands of cameras, because it balances factors such as resolution, high ISO noise reduction and dynamic range. . Sensor reuse is not uncommon, from Canon, Nikon and Sony all doing this, as the first generation a7 and the company’s a7 III did the same.

The Petapixel site interviewed Mr. William Brawley, editor of the Imaging Resource site about this issue. While he does not claim that the two cameras are of identical image quality, it must be admitted that the difference is too small to notice: “When placing studio shots, a7C and a7 III. The image quality is very similar, it is difficult to see the difference. The noise reduction at 1600 – 6400 is also very good and uniform between the two cameras. “

Sony a7C có chất lượng ảnh y hệt a7 III: Sony hết ý tưởng hay tạo sự lựa chọn cho người dùng? - Ảnh 2.

Pictures from a7 III (left) and a7C (right)

The 2 models 2 years apart with the same image quality can be viewed in two directions. One is that Sony has “run out of ideas”, can only use the technology of tools for a new line of machines to sell to users, in a simple way, to create a “new old wine bottle” product. Looking more positively, the sensor used is still very good quality, users can buy a more compact design (a7C) but still have the same image quality and features.

Currently, the selling price of the a7C is 100 USD higher than the a7 III (2.3 million VND), whether it is worthwhile to spend this money to buy a cleaner machine is worth it depends on the needs of each person.

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