Some great iOS libraries to use for your application.

Tram Ho



This library will add a feature we have seen on popular apps like YouTube, Telegram and WhatsApp to your app with just a few lines of code.

Wave Splash

wave splash

This library adds a color wave overlaying custom text and changing its color.

This animation can be used for the splash screen or while the application is downloading data.

Top Drawer

top drawer

Add a top drawer at the top and can be pulled up or down on the screen with a simple gesture!



Library simple diagrams and useful it can be used in many different application contexts. Completely written in Swift, this powerful library allows you to easily create charts and manage categories, colors, and views.

Passcode View

passcode view

Simple view of this can be used as a password or OTP. Quickly customize with different classes and very easy to use, you can get started right away by adding two lines of code.

Pixel Art Emoji

emoji pixel art

Emojivision is a code that allows you to display custom images with emojis for each pixel.

Here is how it works:

Go through each pixel of the image and get its color. Treat each rgb color as a 3d vector, compare the distance of that color with every color in the provided palette and take the color with the nearest distance. Get emoticons associated with that color value from a pre-calculated color dictionary for emoticons. Draw emoticons in the rectifier at the current pixel, with the specified size.

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