Some essential Android Studio plugins that Android Developers should know

Tram Ho

If you are a developer, I hope that you will try your best to work effectively. However, working effectively is not just about coding, but also intelligent coding.

Android Studio is the official Android IDE that integrates many features based on IntelliJ IDEA and comes with an endless list of plugins, if used properly, can help your work more effectively and faster. much.

Here are a few plugins that I think are needed for faster and more effective application development. Android Developers should know.

1. ADB Idea

As an Android Developer, you may be in a situation where you often have to clear application data, revoke all permissions, or kill an app to check if your application can handle the process of dying.

Doing these tasks requires a few steps: you have to find your application> go to app settings> storage> clear data.

All of this is simplified by the ADB Idea plugin.

It provides shortcuts that allow you to use all these actions (kill app, uninstall, clear data, revoke permissions). ADB Idea makes life really simple and it is a must have.

2. ADB WiFi

Are we now tending to switch to wireless alternatives? We have wireless speakers, wireless headsets and even wireless charging. So, why are you still using a cable to debug your application?

And debugging without a cable is easy with the ADB Wifi plugin. All you need to do is make sure your computer and phone are connected to the same network.

3. .ignore

Most newbie programmers, while developing their first application, after integrating the version control system (VCS) and Git, they will push all the files into the repository. These files also include some config files, which if you push them up, will result in conflix merge every time you try to merge your code. For example .vcs.xml, workspace.xml.

This is because these settings will vary on different IDEs depending on how expensive the programmer is. Therefore, these files must be ignored.

.ignore is a plugin that helps you easily manage ignore files such as .gitignore (Git), .npmignore (npm), .dockerignore (Docker), etc.

It allows you to create a ignore file and create ignore rules according to the corresponding template. It also helps highlight ignore files in the IDE and allows you to easily add new files or edit existing rules.

4. JSON to Kotlin Class Generator

Have you ever had to deal with long JSON responses from APIs and had a hard time creating your own models?

JSON to Kotlin Class Generator is a simple plugin that creates a Kotlin class from any valid JSON / JSONSchema string or any URL that returns the JSON / JSONSchema string as a response.

It is very useful because it saves time from processing large and complex JSON responses. There are many websites that do the same thing, but having a handy plugin is still a great thing.

5. CodeGlance

If you are from web or iOS platform or if you have used Sublime editor, you must be familiar with this plugin.

CodeGlance previews code files, just like eagle views and allows you to quickly navigate to the desired part. It usually saves the time of finding / navigating your code.

6. Material Icon Generator

As for the design, making the UI beautiful, is a must. This is a very important aspect of an Android application because this is the first thing users notice. Good UI and UX will lead to a satisfied user experience and will leave a good impression of an application.

While working with the UI, you often find it necessary to use a lot of icons. And for Google’s Material icons , you can visit Google’s Material website or use the default Android Studio Asset Generator.

But you will still face a setup again, as on the Material website, you have no option to customize your assets. That’s when the Material Icon Generator takes effect.

Just choose your icon, choose between vector or PNG, choose a size or use the default, choose a color or use the default. And click Ok.

Above are a few plugins that I think are necessary for the application development work that every developer should know. Thanks for your interest!

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