Some common operational definitions are used when testing on Mobile

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Nowadays, writing testcase in English becomes popular. Even for multinational companies, this is a must to do. Besides, when writing or exchanging, we should use common words, and accurately help others to approach the problem we are talking about a lot faster. Here, I would like to introduce some common and commonly used definitions when writing Testcase or talking to technical parties related to user operation when testing the interface on mobile.

Basic operations for most touches

User actionWords usedNotes / Examples
Quickly touch a certain place on the surface of your phone with your fingerTapStep: User taps into search box
Perform quick touches 2 times in a rowDouble TapOften used in invalid cases to check if the buttons work properly
Move fingers continuously on the device surface without interruptionDragThere are many types of scissors, depending on the behavior and documentation requirements. Like: Drag Up – Drag Up, Drag Down – Drag Down, Drag Left – Drag Left, Drag Right – Drag Right. Example – Step: User drags left ticket from column 1 to column 2
Use your finger to navigate in a direction that is fastSwipeLike drag, swipe also has many swiping, swipe left – Swipe left, swipe right – Swipe right, swipe up – Swipe up, swipe down – Swipe down
Use two or more fingers at the same time to zoom in / out an imagePinch / SpreadStep: User pinches / spreads action for file preview => Expect result: User can zoom in / zoom out file
Use your finger to touch the surface of the device for a period of timePressPress is associated with many other types. Like Press and Drag or Press and Tap
Use 2 fingers to touch device surfaces and move them clockwise or counterclockwiseRotateCommonly used to check cases of horizontal or vertical rotation of the screen of the app

Photo depicting the action

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