Some bugs that new programmers can make

Tram Ho

Actually, I am not an experienced programmer either, the bugs below I have made. And I am writing this article hoping that you can overcome it early to train a better code habit 😄

Do not do without a plan

When I first started working on a project, I specialize in working in the style: Receive requests and code, and when problems arise, it will be calculated later. But this is really not recommended. When you code a feature, if you do not have a specific plan, you will probably be immersed in the bugs you create like Ngan immersed in tears. Personally, before you start coding a feature, you should dig into the database, the system, make a plan, plan and estimate carefully. This will help you calculate the time it takes to complete the task, and have more optimal options to do that task.

Underestimate the scope of code clean

This is the fault that everyone has made. When I was in school, I kept coding as I did, not following a convention at all. Clicking your tongue and running code works fine, but then coming back to fix bugs or add something is really difficult. And if you work on a team, the clean code also means that help members of the team can easily review your code.

Do not know how to use google

For a programmer, google is a very important skill that you must have. For newbies, I think most of what you need to search for can be obtained on google. But the problem is whether you use the right keyword to search for it or not. Having a keyword for your problem will help you find a solution faster. And for those of you who are still lazy with google, practice your search habits. But I also want to note to you that, if you are in need of a piece of code to solve a problem and google has it, do not rush to copy and paste, take a moment to read to see if the code is Let’s handle something

Underestimate the current team

Quite a few students really have thinking and code skills that are superior to their peers (not me 😦 ). And there will be some people who think that they are good and need to work on an important project as a key member. And if being put into an old project or without hot technology, there will be thoughts like: “This project is not suitable for my level”, “How can this be developed”. In fact, when taking you on a project, the leaders have calculated why you have been doing the project already. Maybe old technology, but you will learn the company’s workflow, learn how to code correctly, …

Too focused salary

Actually this depends on the situation of each person. If you’re having a hard time, it’s obviously a good salary. So here I will only for example with you that life is not much financial problems offline. As I see it, the offers for new graduates at companies are usually not too big (not to double), so your gaze on salary will be a pretty big mistake. See how it will help you develop yourself, will let you learn something. As a brother once told me, youth is for learning and experience, not stability 😄 (But don’t experience it for too long: v)

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