Some array methods of JavaScript are often used

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Hello everyone today I’m going to introduce to you some of the methods in the array that I find quite interesting. Normally, when it comes to methods in array, you will think of commonly used methods such as:

  • push
  • pop
  • shift
  • unshift

right. So today I’m going to introduce some other methods that I find to be equally useful. What are you waiting to find out?


So what is my Map on google translate, then translated into map is mapping (yaominh) sounds confusing huh. Actually just need to understand simply transform one into another. So means converting one array into another with a constant number of elements, through a certain function.

For example, here I have an array of numbers, and there is a function to add 2 to the elements of the array, we will get a new array. This is my code

And this is the result

Pretty simple, isn’t it. come on


The name says it all: v filter means filter so map.filter means to filter the elements of the array that meet certain conditions. Unlike , the number of elements of the new array after passing array.filter may not be equal to the number of the old array. For example, here I also have an array of different positive and negative numbers. and have a function to filter out positive numbers.

The results are


array.find is almost the same as array.filter only difference is that instead of returning all the elements that meet certain conditions, it only returns the first element that satisfies the condition.

For example, I will follow the above example of filter only replace filter methods with find methods and this is my code

And this is the result

we can see that the result only returns the first element that satisfies conditions greater than zero that is the element with a value of 4.


reduce yourself to google translate it means reduced. This means that the array.reduce function will receive the input of 2 elements of the array to handle returning an element and then the function will continue to receive 2 elements in which an element has been calculated previously and an element. The next, so on, returns a single element. A little confusing, isn’t it?  Let’s go into the example. Let’s see the example. It will be easier to understand.

For example, here I also have an array of numbers and I use array.reduce to calculate the total value of the elements of this array. This is the code


Note : array.reduce different from array.filter and array.find always returns an element, array.filter returns many or one or không elements. array.find returns one or no element.


So I have introduced you to some of the methods that I find quite useful when using with arrays. The article is based on the opinion of the individual so there is no missing place, I hope you can comment so that I can improve the article better or have an unclear place, then comment down so I can say more clearly. Finally, thanks to everyone who read, if you find the article useful, please give me 1 up vote , Click Follow to be able to view more articles from me.

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