Software to help you make a standard video like a “pro”

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With the booming era of smartphones, video recording is now no longer the job of professional videographers that anyone can get ready to shoot video anytime anywhere in life. Sharing videos is now too normal because there are many channels to upload your finished video such as facebook, youtube. However, to make your video more beautiful, more professional, easy to attract views to be able to convey the message you want, editing the video is extremely necessary. Tired of never learning to make professional videos? Don’t worry, there are already free-to-use amateur video making software. Check out the article below to start having great homemade videos!

Software that helps you make a standard video like a “pro”

Lightworks – “Old and tough”

Lightworks is a professional video editing software that was born long ago, in 1989. This is the best video editing software in the 90s and it has become a free software for anyone. use. Lightworks’ editing tools are powerful, professional, and there is no lack of functionality for a movie video. However, because this is an old product, some of the new video formats are currently not supported, as well as the old interface, so it will be difficult to adapt for beginners.

HitFilm Express – Debut with a unique set of effects

Hitfilm Express seems to be software created for the amateur when it comes to beautiful effects, but it’s easy to use. You can add built-in effects to make your personal videos suddenly “magical, divine”. Capacity and configuration required of this software is not high. To be able to download and install HitFilm Express, you just need to share this software on social networks, it’s easy, right?

DaVinci Resolve – Advertising Videos

You want to start a certain product business and are planning to make a promotional video for your product? DaVinci Resolve is the first freeware that has functions that suit your desires. The resolution of the video output to full HD as well as all the latest video formats today. Not only has many detailed features, this product also has an all in one custom function to integrate many pre-default smart functions to suit your video best. This feature is extremely useful for amateur product video makers. Your product suddenly shimmering beauty like real professional advertising video.

Shotcut – Specializing in making photo videos

You just need a video slide image combined with music and you do not need the “video editing” function is so complicated? Shotcut is the best free software for your needs. This is a video dedicated to making photo slide clips. Not only basic editing for video but this software also has a separate editing function for photos. Especially you can drag and drop photos onto each video very easily. For amateur video editors, this is a great gift.

Avidemux – assembling and joining videos is easy

Avidemux is also a video editing software for amateur users so the interface is comfortable, simple and easy to use. Some of the other video editing software have many functions but users are confused about how to cut video (from a long video) or to join 2 videos together because this function is not available for many. editor. Avidemux is the perfect choice for you with hard-to-meet needs. You can easily trim a video to get the video you want on a long film or commercial, for example, just fill in the time you want to cut. Connecting the video is easier but note that you should try to find videos with similar resolutions. Perhaps this is the only software specializing in cutting and joining video, so other editing functions are very “poor”. Not to mention, after you’ve cut / joined the video, you can use other free video editing software to create more beautiful effects. Have many free video editing tools satisfied you? Surprise your friends and loved ones with your handmade videos with the support of the top 5 best free professional video making software 2020.

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