Software failed to judge, more than 20 students suicidal suicide in India

Tram Ho

After more than 20 senior students in the state of Telengana, India committed suicide because of insufficient admissions to university, an independent council was founded and found software to scan for faulty and classified tests. students are not correct.

The council said it would soon announce measures to end the marking error. However, this cannot change the painful reality that more than 20 students committed suicide because they could not bear the shock of college drop from mid-April to now.

Many student associations have claimed about 2.5 million rupees (825 million VND) / case for families whose students have committed suicide.

In response to this situation, State Secretary Telangana K. Chandrashekhar Rao requested a free re-examination of all students’ failed results, and reminded students not to commit suicide because failing exams were not the end of life. .

More than one-third of students did not pass the two-year high school certificate (HSSC) and more than 50,000 students passed but were not satisfied with the result of applying for a review.

Parents criticized Globarena Technologies Private Technologies Ltd., which provides software for the Telengana state government to handle the tests.

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They also denounced inadequacies such as this organization scoring for students who did not take the exam and the wrong dotted error may be because the company has close ties with the son of the state chief of Telangana state.

India’s First Post e-newspaper cited the story of Naveena students, who failed but after completing the exam, she got 93/100 points for the same test.

Admission to prestigious universities in India is notoriously fierce. For example, Shri Ram University of Commerce in Delhi receives 28,000 applications while only 400 targets, a lower rate than being admitted to Harvard University in the United States.

Due to the excessive number of applications, most universities rely on the results of the HSSC exam to simplify enrollment procedures. According to the British Independent newspaper, the unemployment rate in India is at its highest level in 45 years due to population explosion. Currently, every month, 1 million Indians turn 18.

The job market is becoming more competitive than ever. Having a college degree from a prestigious school is considered very important for students. Many students are registered by their parents to attend special high schools, are given up to 16 hours of exam preparation every day to ensure good results in the HSSC exam.

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