What is SoapUI? Introduction to SoapUI Testing

Tram Ho

1. What is SOAP UI?

  • SOAP UI is an open source, cross-platform API testing tool
  • SOAPUI allows testers to do automated testing: functional, regression, compliance, and load tests across different Web APIs.
  • SOAPUI supports all standard protocols and technologies for testing all types of APIs
  • SOAPUI interface is very simple allowing both technical and non-technical users to use it with ease.

2. Why use SOAPUI?

SOAPUI is not only an Api testing tool in terms of functionality, but also allows to perform non-functional testing like security and performance testing.

Discuss about 5 important features of SOAPUI

1. Functional test

  • It is a powerful support tool that allows testers to write APIs testing functions using SOAPUI
  • Supports drag-and-drop feature that speeds up script development
  • Supports debugging and allows testers to develop data driven tests.
  • Support many test environments, easily switch from Dev, QA, Production environment
  • Allows writing advanced test cases (testers can develop more depending on existing Scenario)

2. Security testing

  • Able to perform a successful scan of the process of finding the security hole
  • Prevent SQL Injection to secure the database
  • Stack overflows error scans caused by large documents
  • Cross Site Scripting error scan, usually occurs when the system passes parameters to display on the messages
  • Perform a Fuzzing scan and a Boundary scan to avoid abnormal system behavior

3. Test the load

  • Load load testing of a web application using loadUI
  • High level simulation and real load testing with ease
  • Enables advanced metric customization reports using performance parameters
  • Allows customizing detailed reports to capture performance parameters

4. Supported Protocols / Technologies:?

SoapUI has the most comprehensive protocol support

5. SOAP-Integrates with various automation tools such as:

  • Maven
  • JUnit
  • Apache – Ant

6. Compare SOAPUI with Selenium

SOAPUI is not used to test UI, it is used to test WebAPI or WebServiceSelenium is used to test the user interface
The ability to test data sent and received between the web browser and the web server. Can test protocols / technologies such as REST, SOAP.Selenium cannot test protocols, but it can test UI behavior
Ability to perform functional testing, security and load-bearing of the aforementioned technologiesSelenium only est function, performance, not security test
SOAPUI is protocol dependent, not browser dependentSelenium depends on browser capabilities

7. Compare SOAPUI with Postman

Perform automated testing of both the Soap API and Rest APIRest API automated testing is possible only
Complex interfaceSimple interface
Call the request to run the simple testMust write the syntax to run complex requests
Funtional testing, security testting, and load testing can be donePerform ̉funtional testing, security testting
Can import the collection from postman

8. Install SOAP UI

Installing SOAP UI Software Download: Download SOAP UI free version (SOAP UI Open Source) at https://www.soapui.org/downloads/soapui.html

Install SOAP UI according to the instructions: https://www.soapui.org/getting-started/installing-soapui/installing-on-windows.html


This article just hopes to help you understand the basics of SOAP UI. You need to learn more to be able to understand more deeply, practice well about SOAP UI and apply it effectively in your work. You can refer to the Website at the reference link below to learn and practice the best!

Documentation: https://www.guru99.com/introduction-to-soapui.html

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