Smart control on your phone with the Sony TV Companion app

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Điều khiển thông minh trên điện thoại bằng ứng dụng Sony TV Companion - Ảnh 1.

Sony Electronics Vietnam has just launched the TV Companion application to help elevate the BRAVIA TV experience to a new level. With just a smartphone and Facebook Messenger app, users can control and personalize their BRAVIA TV to step into the world of great Android TV anytime, anywhere, and with just taps. extremely simple.

TV Companion is an exclusive application developed by Sony to help BRAVIA TV users find, personalize and control their TVs with their smartphones. Specifically, to use, users use the phone to scan the QR code available in the TV Companion application on BRAVIA TVs. Then select “Let’s get start it” in Facebook Messenger and follow the instructions to connect your phone to your TV. Finally just search for the show you want to watch, tap on what’s displayed on your phone and the TV will play instantly.

Điều khiển thông minh trên điện thoại bằng ứng dụng Sony TV Companion - Ảnh 2.

With Sony TV Companion, experiencing superb picture quality and immersive sound from BRAVIA TV has never been so convenient, quick and easy, with outstanding features:

Intuitive interface with personalized playlists

TV Companion was developed by Sony with an intuitive and friendly interface for both Android and iOS smartphones. All favorite content from Youtube or FPT Play will be updated in a list, helping to store these content and bring convenience to enjoy.

Searching for content is easy

Using a multilingual keyboard, users can enter content in any language for the application to find. In addition, TV Companion will also suggest the most relevant search results from both YouTube and FPT Play. At the same time, the most recent searches will be saved so that users can review them when needed.

Điều khiển thông minh trên điện thoại bằng ứng dụng Sony TV Companion - Ảnh 3.

Multi TV remote control

TV Companion not only turns smartphones into controllers with functions such as volume up and down, channel switching, content search, but also allows users to control multiple TVs from one phone. Whether the content is the same or different, users can play them on multiple TVs.

Works Anytime Anywhere

Now users don’t have to be at home to control their TV. TV Companion works away from the TV and even anywhere. With this feature, users can easily help loved ones tune into the TV anytime, anywhere, which also means being able to control what kids are watching at home.

TV Companion features are applicable to the BRAVIA X75 and X75A TV series. User must connect to Facebook/Meta account to use all features.

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