Singapore government donated people with free Fitbit watches, of course with conditions attached

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According to Singapore’s national health program – Live Healthy SG, hundreds of thousands of citizens will soon be registered to receive a Fitbit Inspire HR health monitor.

The bracelet on the market costs 99 USD, but Singaporeans will not have to spend a penny. In return, they will have to sign up for Fitbit’s premium guide service for $ 10 a month for a year. In addition, Singaporeans will have to agree to share all the data that Fitbit collects with the national health committee.

This data will shape the future health program, as well as help strengthen the committee’s communication effectiveness through relevant and realistic analytical information. In terms of privacy, Fitbit claims that the information gathering process will take place clearly and, with the consent of the users, and the participants of the program will know exactly what data is being shared. with the government. Although participants have no option to stop sharing data, they have the right to participate in a free or customized Fitbit program.

Singapore has a population of about 5.6 million, and Fitbit expects to provide the country with hundreds of thousands of health monitors.

We intend to partner with industry reformers, like FItbit, in an effort to use technology to give Singaporeans incentives and health incentives, so they can be controlled. “My health” – Zee Yoong Kang, CEO of the country’s Health Promotion Committee, said.

Chính phủ Singapore tặng người dân đồng hồ Fitbit miễn phí, tất nhiên có điều kiện kèm theo - Ảnh 1.

Fitbit Inspire HR

The monthly fee, calculated on a yearly basis, is higher than the price of the bracelet, and shows the strategy towards Fitbit’s recurring fee-for-service services in the context that the company is fiercely competing to find place in the field of hardware before rivals such as Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei.

Fitbit’s smartwatch field also failed to achieve the expected success. Last month, the company reported profits with a 27% decrease compared to the same period last year, mainly because of lower-than-expected sales of the Versa Lite watch.

A Fitbit spokesman declined to disclose financial information around the deal with the Singapore government.

We think this program can reach up to one million people. It is a signal to investors and other potential customers that the changes we have said in our business model. “It’s becoming a reality,” Park said. He also revealed that Apple also participated in bidding for the program, and the negotiation process took place with very high competition.

Singaporeans can sign up for the Live Healthy SG program in September, and the program will go live by the end of October.

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