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Passionate, expected and dreamed of being a programmer, but after 15 years of ambition, many IT students now have to think differently.

The career of software programmers is getting less and more attention because of income reasons.

Remove code to sell

Known as one of the first 8x generations of passionate coding (software programming), after a few years of meeting again, it is surprising that Hoang suddenly jumps into the role of food business – which is not imported with those What you learned.

Hoang said: “In the years 98-99 was the Internet boom period and so the programming career also went up quickly. Everyone looks at Yahoo, Microsoft to orient their careers and plunge into learning code to look forward to life through technology. But the truth is so true.

Those who belong to "software generation" like Hoang are not rare because at that time before a series of opportunities for programming, selling software, exporting source code with a salary of several hundred dollars / month is really desirable when but the actual income in state-owned units was only a few hundred thousand at that time.

Yet now, the only thing that Hoang can keep for himself after being a programmer is the logical thinking ability to apply to the coordination of the family's food store business.

Unlike Hoang, Quang Dung, who was born in 83, had 5 years of training in the Netherlands, after returning home, he was immediately admitted to a corporation doing the right IT job, in charge of programming core network. However, less than 2 years, Dung had to "surf" from the company after completing an additional MBA in the field of domestic training cooperation and then work for a company specializing in cosmetic chemistry under the role marketing management.

Dung shared: “The age of 20 in the 2002s saw the software market very fertile. Which program for projects to computerize government, software export or open private processing companies is enough to live. But what is the reality when entering state companies with heavy thinking, making it difficult to deploy an internal software project, not to say programming to sell? A month's income for software engineers tries very hard to be nearly 6-7 million, which is including extra work, so how can it be? ”

Specialized education, such as Dung and Hoang, have been difficult to stick to, but it is even more difficult for those who are studying programming from certificate training centers.

Duy Anh, a student of a well-known training center in Yet Kieu, said: “In the center, I have been trained in trendy knowledge, with a new programming language, updated system. However, the difference between learning and applying is different from each other and if the study is completed, it will only earn a living enough job by code, but if you want to be rich, it is a fantasy

Mr. Duong Hoang Anh, director of a company that needs to build electronic information website software, said: “If you hire a company with a design language from CMS to the interface, it will cost hundreds of millions for the first time, even more, and not to mention annual maintenance and upgrade fees. While the need to beat fast, and through the evaluation I see many places selling CMS software, automatic news crawler … only 10 million packages of interface design.

The devaluation, winning guests of the coder people arose a lot during the past 4 years, especially at times of recession and inflation. Working in software companies is difficult to live, many programmers "push" the source code, they go out to do it separately to devalue the market and step on each other like this situation.

Since then, creating a rather bustling face of programmers and software business in general, making many Vietnamese businesses want to choose solutions to buy from foreign countries.

Remind me forever

One thing is easy to see, the current university institutions in the field of IT training are often only general and fragmented with everything from coding to even networking, making students want to have a career to study more at the External centers such as Aptech, Cisco, Oracle.

Mobile application programming is a fertile land but still left open in Vietnam.

On the other hand, the incorrect assessment of the role of the programmer in a company makes many software engineers when going to school to work for a few months is falling into dissatisfaction.

Trung Anh, a software engineer at a state-owned company, said: "I am lucky that my family has a relationship, so I can go to the company to work in IT room, programming position. So, while sitting code, I was called to the administrative room to reinstall Windows, when I was sent to the accounting department to scan for viruses. The programmers are like a perverse company around the company, while the e-Office project is growing, the boss says stop because there is no funding for implementation. "

Elsewhere, many software companies are also in a poor, difficult life situation in the midst of a recession despite being only indirectly affected. Thereby creating a weak situation of mechanisms for programmers with low income, less compensation and not creating conditions for training and improving skills, updating new knowledge – which is weak The most important factor in code profession.

At the Vietnam ICT Summit 2011, when a question from the business community asked the speakers about software units without capital, no collateral, only gray matter, when investing , expanding the business to export loan software where it has become a difficult question and no solution.

Having won many awards for young informatics programming to Vietnam Intelligence 2002 from the 7th grade, programmer Bui Xuan Dung who is currently working in Japan also said that he has no plans to return to Vietnam because to live with the profession. Domestic programming is very difficult.

For domestic developers, besides self-study or participating in certificate training courses, the job application for software companies is quite vague due to income reasons. Therefore, most of them choose the solution to foreign software companies, accept the salary just enough to live and participate in the assigned projects, accept the plow day and night with the code but not the period What more hope in the career of programming is once a "hot" profession.

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