Silently spending $ 30 billion ‘bribing’ content developers even though it has not been officially launched: Youtube Shorts’ ‘fatal blow’ hits TikTok

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As reported, recently, Youtube has officially launched Youtube Shorts globally, including Vietnam. This is Youtube’s new short-form video creation tool, allowing users to experience and create short videos with mobile phones. First announced in September 2020, Youtube is gradually expanding the Shorts tool to 100 countries around the world – where Youtube is present.

Âm thầm chi 30 tỷ USD ‘mua chuộc’ các nhà phát triển nội dung dù chưa ra mắt chính thức: Đòn chí mạng Youtube Shorts đánh vào TikTok - Ảnh 1.

“For the first time, users around the world will have access to Shorts’ innovative tools, including the use of a multi-segment camera to link multiple videos together, the ability to record video along with music, control speed settings and more,” YouTube said.

Experts all agree that YouTube’s new step will make the short video market more vibrant and competitive, no longer in the near-monopoly state of TikTok.

“Critical strike”

The remarkable point in this launch of Youtube Shorts is that they “played big” when they announced they had set up a $100 million fund to pay content creators within the next 1 year. This is considered a “fatal blow” Youtube Shorts hit TikTok.

Specifically, the company today announced the Youtube Shorts Fund – a $100 million fund to pay Shorts creators with the most viewed and most engaging content for the period from 2021 – 2022.

However, creators will not be able to apply for funds to support content production. Instead, each month, YouTube reaches out to creators whose videos exceed certain milestones to reward their contributions.

Âm thầm chi 30 tỷ USD ‘mua chuộc’ các nhà phát triển nội dung dù chưa ra mắt chính thức: Đòn chí mạng Youtube Shorts đánh vào TikTok - Ảnh 2.

The company is expected to spend money on “thousands” of content creators each month. Reportedly, these creators will not need to join Youtube’s partner program, anyone is eligible for rewards by creating original content for Youtube Shorts.

Currently, YouTube declined to share more specific details about the fund’s performance, including how creators will be considered or specific thresholds for receiving bonuses. The company also won’t provide details on whether YouTube creators can receive multiple payments in the same time period if they have several qualifying videos or any other details.

While it emphasizes that only “original” content will receive the bonus, Youtube Shorts has not yet clarified how they will check to make sure the content has not been uploaded on another platform, like Snapchat or Tiktok. .

Instead, YouTube said details of the bonuses and certificates associated with the fund are expected to be announced at some point in the next few months.

In particular, the company revealed it has paid out more than $30 billion to creators, artists and media companies over the past three years. Therefore, they hope the new fund will help build a long-term monetization model for Youtube Short in the future.

In fact, Youtube is not the only platform that threatens Tiktok by splurging on content creators. Snapchat pays creators $1 million a day for videos that work on Spotlight – their own copy of Tiktok. Some people have even become millionaires by creating content for Spotlight.

The WSJ source said that Facebook-owned Instagram has also made attractive offers to top Tiktok stars to use its new service called Reels.

Of course, TikTok itself does not sit idly by. The video platform claims its fund will grow to more than $1 billion in the US market alone over the next three years and even double that globally. This March, TikTok also added another requirement to receive fund payments, including having at least 100,000 authentic views in the last 30 days – a signal that they are setting the bar high. than.

Make TikTok “cry”

In addition to relying on the backing of the giant Youtube, Youtube Shorts also has many similar features, even more prominent than TikTok. This is also a huge concern for TikTok.

For example, the ability to sample audio not only from other Shorts videos, but also from videos across YouTube, a platform containing billions of videos around the globe, opens a new creative playground like never before.

Âm thầm chi 30 tỷ USD ‘mua chuộc’ các nhà phát triển nội dung dù chưa ra mắt chính thức: Đòn chí mạng Youtube Shorts đánh vào TikTok - Ảnh 3.

This means users can put together a collection of creative content they enjoy watching on YouTube and help it reach a new audience whether it’s a response to their favorite joke, try it out. experiment with a content creator’s new recipes, or reenact comedy skits.

Creators will have control and can opt out of Shorts if they don’t want their long-form videos to be remixed.

The fact that Youtube helps people use Shorts to enjoy and discover content from creators is also a key when it comes to product experiences.

That’s why even before the tools were announced, there was a special section on the YouTube homepage for Shorts, allowing easy vertical swiping from one video to the next, and the Shorts tab would be coming soon to mobile devices, making it easier for users to access tools with just one tap.

The Shorts tool will also be integrated on the YouTube application that is already familiar and loved by users. For example, if a user listens to a snippet of a song on Shorts, they can easily find the full song, watch a music video, or learn more about the artist, all on YouTube.

As of today, YouTube Shorts has surpassed 6.5 billion daily views globally.

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