Shuhari Part 2 – Journey to the nature of Agile’s heart

Tram Ho

Ancient Japanese wisdom applied to Scrum (Or other Agile Practice)

Yesterday I wrote an introduction to Shuhari, you can find it here:  Shuhari – The way of the Japanese Mastery

This post will talk about applying Shuhari as part of Agile’s philosophy. A working group is formed following the rules of the Scrum Guide.

Shu – “obey; protect “

The starting position is a Team that has just applied Scrum. They are all new to this, so they follow everything in the book.

  • Sprint is a month, Planning is 8 hours, Sprint Review is 4 hours, Sprint Retrospective takes about 3 hours
  • In the Daily Daily Scrum, they follow the concept of three questions (What did I do yesterday, what would I do today, did I encounter any obstacles)
  • An Increment is completed at the end of the Sprint
  • And many other practices are copied directly from the Scrum Guide

Ha – “break”

Here, a Team can learn many different Agile Practice, like:

  • Kanban – like a result the Team decides to limit Work In Process. For example, a Team only works on one Item at a time
  • Pair programming – Two Programmers work together on one Workstation
  • #NoEstimates – Quit evaluating Story Points and moving to a fixed number of Story to plan for Sprint
  • The team used inspections and adaptations from Scrum and concluded that households could reduce the Sprint length to 2 weeks.

Ri – “Leave; start”

Here, Team is learning from its own experience to form its own Practice, like:

  • Keep Sprint Length Fixed – Teams can decide that they base their Sprint length based on the length of the Item in hand.
  • Quitting Scrum – Team decided that Daily Scrum no longer fits their needs in collaborative work
  • Have a 1-day Sprint – The team can decide that they repeat every sprint event every day

Kokoro = “Heart”

This is where it ends, according to Agile’s heart. From “Ri” we are coming to “Kokoro”, which basically understands the most basic nature. I have no existing examples of this state. I guess I haven’t reached “Kokoro” for Scrum …

Last words

Agile’s heart can cover many personal topics. See an example from the Agile Heart Website ( ). On all topics that Shuhari can be applied.

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