Shuhari Part 1 – Japanese Mastery Road

Tram Ho

From tea ceremony to the heart of Agile

Shuhari is a Japanese term best known to describe the general progress of martial arts training.

The Shuhari concept was first introduced for a Japanese tea ceremony. It was later expanded in the 15th century and later became part of the Japanese martial arts philosophy.

Alistair Cockburn introduces Shuhari as a concept to learn all sorts of techniques, practices and tools for software development. Alistair Cockbur thinks that Shuhari is also the pillar of Agile’s heart.

Shuhari says that while we follow traditional knowledge like an apprentice, we should break it if necessary, especially when we gather new knowledge that allows us to understand the nature of past success. What follows should be transcended into a new expression, which is based on tradition.

The character Shu consists of 2 parts, House and Law: The house of law. It means “obey; protect”.

The character Ha consists of 2 parts, Stone and part of phonetics. It means “break” .

The character Ri consists of 2 parts, Bird and part of phonetics. It means “to leave; to depart” .

Shuhari can be considered as a concentric circle, with Shu in Ha, and both Shu and Ha in Ri, because the basic techniques and knowledge do not change.

My next post will be about applying Shuhari in software development.

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