ShopeePay Check and a series of “cool” prizes not to be missed

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This contest was initiated at the Facebook group “Addiction to ShopeePay”, which gathers users who are passionate about online shopping and payment. With more than 111,000 members, this is a community specializing in sharing shopping information, experience hunting discount codes as well as “trophies” for closing super cheap prices with the duo Shopee and ShopeePay.

In addition to useful information, the secret of the group’s “keep the fire” is also in the mini games that are released like lemon juice. Among them, the most attractive is ShopeePay Check. By encouraging players to give honest reviews about their purchased orders, product quality, price, etc., this contest is not only a useful reference channel when shopping, but also a playground for members. Group members won many valuable gifts.

In this June, ShopeePay Check continues to “warm up” the passion for shopping by launching a new game, divided into 2 different phases. Phase 1 lasts from 9.6 to 15.6 with a super simple request of sharing a review, experience (review) about a product that users love, intend to buy or have purchased and paid via ShopeePay.

The Organizing Committee (BTC) will select the most impressive articles with attractive and creative criteria in both content and form to present attractive prizes such as Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner worth VND 9,990,000, Apple AirPods headphones worth VND 4,390,000. In addition to product experience, players can also share more experiences when using ShopeePay’s offers as well as ways to save shopping costs when paying through this “orange wallet” to score points, thereby increasing more chances to win. In particular, BTC will give a Shopee voucher of 666,000 VND to the member with the most total number of entries.

ShopeePay Check và loạt giải thưởng cực “cool” không thể bỏ lỡ - Ảnh 1.

Right on the first day of launch, ShopeePay Check phase 1 has received many unique and enthusiastic entries from different industries such as electronics, cosmetics, fashion… Besides product information, many The article also comes with impressive personal stories, showing the positive meaning of online payment in general and ShopeePay e-wallet in particular when this is the motivation to help them confidently “withdraw their wallets” every day.

ShopeePay Check và loạt giải thưởng cực “cool” không thể bỏ lỡ - Ảnh 2.

A user who is a dancer shared, for many years sitting on the ground doing makeup in a “field” style before going to the show to save money, has always dreamed of owning a dressing table but hesitated because of the high cost. . Great deals and convenience when paying via e-wallets, are the motivation for this time you decide to “reward” yourself the dressing table after many years of trying. The story has been attracting a lot of post interactions in the group.

ShopeePay Check và loạt giải thưởng cực “cool” không thể bỏ lỡ - Ảnh 3.

Both a member of the “bead-loving” team and a believer in online shopping, the girl in the above story shared her experience of “hunting sale” when immediately using attractive offers thanks to paying by e-wallet. Since then, I have invested in a set of fine glass jars to satisfy my passion for collecting and preserving my favorite beaded “babies”.

ShopeePay Check và loạt giải thưởng cực “cool” không thể bỏ lỡ - Ảnh 4.

With a more compact design than a desktop, but with a strong configuration and optimal processing speed, this gaming laptop quickly caught the eye of a gamer and was reviewed very carefully from the outside. Save on product cost after applying the offer. The male friend shared more, with high-value technology products, ordering on Shopee and paying with ShopeePay wallet is always the method you trust the most.

While the heat of phase 1 has not cooled down, ShopeePay Check phase 2 has been listed on the floor from 16.6 to 30.6. This is also the peak of the program “Use ShopeePay, get 50% off” with 3 attractive exclusive offers: Shopping code with up to 50% off; the opportunity to own thousands of e-vouchers for only 1 dong; Free shipping policy for orders from 0 VND.

ShopeePay Check và loạt giải thưởng cực “cool” không thể bỏ lỡ - Ảnh 5.

You should take advantage of this opportunity to hunt for your favorite products at record low prices, and take orders for review. This is a strategy of “one arrow hits two targets” because the reward for June 16 will be extremely attractive when participants will have the opportunity to receive shopping vouchers on Shopee worth up to VND 666,000 and VND 10,000,000.

The reward for the period from June 17 to 30 also promises to make shoppers have “eyes of letters a mouth” before ShopeePay Check’s willingness to play. So, today, download and install the ShopeePay wallet application through the detailed instructions here to not lose any attractive rewards. Further revealing, new users will enjoy an attractive welcome package including: Discount code when buying Shopee products; discount code when you recharge your phone every month; Shopee Coin refund offer when paying bills and free shipping every month.

ShopeePay Check is heating up day by day with excellent entries from shopaholics across the country. To not miss the opportunity to own valuable gifts, pay with ShopeePay and submit your entry today.

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