Shopee was accused by the US side of selling counterfeit goods with “very high levels”, not investigating the sellers and violating global copyrights.

Tram Ho

The report “Illegal markets buying and selling counterfeit intellectual property and pirated products in 2020” published by the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) on January 14 points to 3 websites and 2 markets in Vietnam include:, phimmoi and phimmoizz; and Ben Thanh market and Dong Xuan market.

 Shopee bị phía Mỹ cáo buộc bán hàng giả với “mức độ rất cao”, không điều tra bên bán hàng và vi phạm bản quyền toàn cầu - Ảnh 1.

Specifically, the document shows that the brand owners reflect the fake goods sold on Shopee’s e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, including the domain name website in Vietnam.

This report states that the level of counterfeit goods sold on all Shopee platforms is currently very high. Shopee is accused of not having an investigation procedure with a third-party vendor. In addition, the copyright holders say that Shopee does not have processes or tools available to carry out notification and takedown procedures. anti-counterfeiting tools as well as essential information about the right to support counterfeiting claims on each platform.

 Shopee bị phía Mỹ cáo buộc bán hàng giả với “mức độ rất cao”, không điều tra bên bán hàng và vi phạm bản quyền toàn cầu - Ảnh 2.

This document also alleges that for individuals and organizations that have been found to be violating, Shopee has no tools to prevent these people from registering another account to continue selling. The platform only locks sellers’ accounts when they have repeated violations and escalates.

Shopee is currently one of the largest e-commerce markets in Southeast Asia and has been accused by stakeholders in 2020 for allowing a large flow of counterfeit goods including watches, jewelry, leather goods, and clothing. , fashion accessories, food and beverage, sports equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Not only the USTR, the EU Commission has also warned IP owners and stakeholders on major e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia including Bukalapak, Tokopedia and Shopee to play the role. directly or indirectly against global counterfeiting and piracy.

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Source : Genk