Shopee masters shared the new release date, but everyone nodded sympathetically

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If you’ve ever been startled by the fact that the frequency of going to the Shopee app to check the status of your order is much higher than the number of times you visit your crush’s story, you must have “eaten at the bottom” with this shopping app for several moons. On the occasion of this e-commerce site’s 7th birthday, let’s take a look at the signs below to see how you have changed in this fun shopping journey with this “orange” app!

Các cao thủ Shopee chia sẻ ngày còn chiếu mới mà ai cũng gật gù đồng cảm - Ảnh 1.

The number of products in the cart guarantees “closeness”

Open the Shopee application, click on the shopping cart icon, but you still can’t see the end, your “bottomless basket” has reached the familiar 99+ number of Shopee “masters”. Bao Ngoc (19 years old, HCMC) explains this “miracle” number: ” I’m keeping the treasurer cum in charge of finding props for the club’s events at school, so the shopping cart keeps going.” In addition, I have a habit of adding an item from many different shops to my cart to compare prices, designs and easily pay when it’s on sale.”

Not only actively adding to the basket of satisfactory products to wait for the time to close the order, the sign that you are gradually becoming a Shopee “follower” also lies in starting to take care of the appearance of your account by changing your account. pretty avatar no less than Facebook avatar.

Các cao thủ Shopee chia sẻ ngày còn chiếu mới mà ai cũng gật gù đồng cảm - Ảnh 2.

Orders hit 99+, “exploding inbox” with product consultation conversations and owning a beautiful and shimmering Shopee avatar must be the familiar interface of the vast majority of “old people” Shopee.

“On the next 12.12, I also “pocketed” a few products and set an “appointment reminder” to close the order at 0:00 to have the most preferential price, so it will be much more economical, “Ngoc added. It can be seen that although the shopping demand is high, she still knows how to balance and spend smartly.

Tactical closing to save costs

Recalling the times when she practiced “closing orders” at Shopee 2 years ago, all her friend Khanh Nguyen (20 years old, Hue) did was just look at how many discount vouchers, coin refunds, free shipping vouchers she had in her Shopee wallet. If you move, just use that much. But things are different now!

The experience of “battle” for sale for the past 2 years has helped her friend realize dozens of tips to be able to pick up her favorite items from Shopee at a super cheap cost. Besides waiting for the super sale occasions, Khanh Nguyen also has many thrifty and enjoyable shopping experiences when actively hunting for more discount codes from brands, hunting bargains and having fun while watching Shopee Live. , take advantage of the offer to pay with ShopeePay wallet, etc.

Các cao thủ Shopee chia sẻ ngày còn chiếu mới mà ai cũng gật gù đồng cảm - Ảnh 3.

“The difference between Khanh Nguyen’s ‘dreamer’ back then and his current self is the ability to buy an item at a super-saving price by applying multiple layers of discount codes,” the friend excitedly compared the two orders. to prove their professional “sale hunting”.

Receive goods in accordance with VIP standards

Gone are the days when you have to “draw the way for the shipper to run” every time an order arrives because, if you are a genuine “person” of Shopee, you will definitely own a “gut” shipper. ” even belongs to the owner’s address, house number and delivery time.

Các cao thủ Shopee chia sẻ ngày còn chiếu mới mà ai cũng gật gù đồng cảm - Ảnh 4.

His friend Trong Huy (21 years old, Hanoi) even saved the names of shippers specializing in delivery in the company and residential areas so that he would never miss an appointment when receiving orders.

“GenZ may not answer the phone of his lover, but will definitely always pick up the phone when the shipper calls. GenZ may take a leave of absence because it suddenly rains but will definitely work diligently if he has a delivery schedule” – Trong Huy is half joking, but implicitly affirms that convenient online shopping and delivery habits have become an indispensable part of daily life, especially of young people.

The “old man” association has spoken, the “new screenings” are not yet ready to continue? Access the Shopee app and join the “real battle” at the 12.12 Birthday Super Sale right now to practice “internal work” and rank up in the sales race.

Offer information:

Các cao thủ Shopee chia sẻ ngày còn chiếu mới mà ai cũng gật gù đồng cảm - Ảnh 5.

Only 2 more days, 12.12 Super Birthday Sale – Up to 90% discount will officially “land” on Shopee, offering free shipping 0 VND and the opportunity to collect discount codes and refund xtra coins to 1.2 million coins. In addition, when following Shopee Live, users can collect codes for free shipping up to VND 99,000 and unlimited entertainment experiences. Don’t miss the most anticipated shopping festival of the year on Shopee! See details at:

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