Shock: Obeying Google Maps, more than 5,000 motorbikes drive into the city highway. HCM-Dau Giay

Tram Ho

On 2/1, TP TP. HCM – Long Thanh – Dau Giay (HLD) said that there were specific data on motorbikes despite the danger of running into the expressway.

In 2019, VEC E (highway management unit) recorded 5,272 cases of motorbikes entering the HLD motorway, of which 3,649 cases are going in the direction of the city. HCM City – Dau Giay and 1,623 cases going in the direction of Dau Giay – TP. HCM.

Sốc: Nghe lời Google Maps, hơn 5.000 xe máy chạy vào cao tốc TP. HCM-Dầu Giây - Ảnh 1.

A motorbike case goes into the TP. HCM – Long Thanh – Dau Giay.

Most of the cases when entering the expressway are blocked at the toll booths, then instructed to exit the freeway through the residential road, the case of deliberately passing the tollgate will be cleared. report to the next toll booths and patrol teams to stop and hand over to Group 6 – Room 8 – C08 to handle according to regulations.

The main reason is that people in traffic do not pay attention to the traffic sign system, follow the instructions of the electronic map “Google map”, so they have entered the forbidden road, besides some schools. Local people deliberately enter the expressway to shorten the travel route.

Besides, at the beginning of the branch leading to the expressway under the plan of the Ministry of Transport, all the deadlines have been removed, resulting in motorbikes being mistakenly entered the freeway without warning. remind.

In order to ensure traffic safety on HLD highway as well as to minimize motor vehicles on VEC E highway, some specific solutions have been implemented such as strengthening patrol on the route, aiming to deliver promptly handle violations. Lane workers at toll booths block and guide motor vehicles off the freeway. Strengthening the transmission line, reminding vehicle owners to participate in traffic in accordance with regulations. In addition, the highway management unit also cooperates with the traffic police (Team 6-C08) to handle violations of motorcycles.

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