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Because today is the first Monday of the week, I will release a “heartwarming” lesson about our programmers, if you have any sympathetic program, please leave a comment.

And this article will list the difficulties that a programmer will face, helping readers to have a more realistic view of the industry so that they can make informed decisions about whether to type. change to follow this programmer like me or not!

Today’s technology is very advanced, and it also entails hiring programmers in companies large and small. Therefore, the programming industry is now considered a hot industry with a relatively high average income. Programmer profession at the present time is also the social industry in need and many young people are interested and want to learn more about it. However, every industry, too, will have its own dark side, difficulties that only industry insiders know. Behind the glitz are the trade-offs that everyone in the industry knows about.

Study, study more, study forever alone easy to be eliminated

The first thing that everyone knows is that programmers work, sleep and work with technology, but technology is constantly changing and updating new things. Therefore, technology-oriented people must constantly learn new things or they will easily fall behind and be eliminated.

Once upon a time, when the mobile technology platform was not as strong as it is now, and there was no appearance of iOS, Android … then the app development profession at that time was quite lackluster, and only had Small apps, don’t have many features on the phone. Therefore, if you do not learn and update new technology knowledge, surely after 3-4 years you will be ‘outgame’.

What if the shaky life cycle, in about 5-10 years, grows a dozen more new jobs or industries that will be eliminated and disappear? Few years ago, Flash was considered as one of the famous platforms, but now it has almost disappeared in the market and no one uses Flash anymore, of course those who do not find jobs anymore. . So in this field, you can’t keep up the thought of learning that much knowledge in school is enough. Leaving work, doing enough of that knowledge until old age is always not. With your current knowledge you can use it for 3-4 years, but then that knowledge may be gone and it’s time for you to learn new knowledge.

For the next example, those who have studied Angular now have switched to Angular 2 or higher. Not to mention the programming language you use will also innovate in the future, surely the Framework language that you are currently using after a few years has also changed and upgraded. React updated to React Hooks, it’s a fairly new writing method, but the way you have to learn from the beginning. So the learning is endless, once the programmer is always studying, not learning will be eliminated. (If you do not know Angular 2, Framework, React Hooks, you guys should take it easy, those are the basic knowledge of ltv, so there will be Vietnamese documents, I only insert the link when there are articles and knowledge. Which is good, I can read.)

In addition, the age of the industry is also a matter of many concerns. Any profession is the same, only when you are passionate, you will not be eliminated. There are many programmers 3-40 years old even up to 50 is normal, the age of how important is not as you are. Your career will be short if you are a safe person and always find ‘that is enough’, you do not update technology constantly, you rely on your 5-year, 10-year work experience to offer High salary is enough to take care of your family, because you are busy with family and children, you cannot OT (working overtime), no longer agile to grasp the new technology trend like young people today, you will have short career. There are passionate programmers who are always learning and updating new things in the industry, they will become ‘the older the spicy ginger’. Even if there are many long-term and experienced programmers, they can take the position of a versatile programmer from Systems architecture to OS, Network database … such people often have very high salaries and No way they were eliminated.

The project is urgent and often OT

This profession is mostly based on the project, when in certain projects urgently need products must be OT. At Startup companies, when they have to launch the product, often the programmers will have to work overtime including Saturday, Sunday or holidays. Many companies will accept pay when you work overtime, some do not and see it as part of the job. Because overtime like this sometimes programmers will have problems with relationships because there is no time for family, friends, affection … Programmers are not a leisurely, relaxed industry Oh, this industry is a lot more stressful than you think it is and it’s lonely ahuhu!

Constantly being ‘ngáo’

Most people who are programmers have a logical thinking, the better the programmer the logic. In the programming world 1 is 1, 2 is 2 and especially programmers mostly work only with computers and systems, in that world there is only right and wrong. However, the relationship between people is not so, in the human world there is a thing called affection so it is impossible to clearly distinguish what is right and wrong.

If you are talking about technology, if you are right, the team will follow but when you work with a team other than the programming team, you should be careful because it’s not logical. and can solve the problem of where they are going, but you also need to have skillful conversation. Because the working environment around you is just a programmer, sometimes you will be affected by the community, while it is difficult to learn the skills of observing other people’s faces, communication skills but can also become so ‘brute’ is the same.

In fact, the programmer’s job does not need to have superior communication skills at all but communication skills are a very important skill in society and in human relationships with each other. The way to improve communication skills, to avoid becoming ‘clumsy’ when doing programming is that you should not just live with each of your departments, but communicate with other teams, for example. like team marketing, design, sale … to learn more.

It’s hard to get rich from this job

The average salary of the programmer is quite high compared to other industries, but to get a salary of 2-30 million, you have to reach any realm, but even if you have achieved a salary of 4-50 million but that Just a monthly salary. There are many programmers who have followed the profession for a long time, the salary is also high but that cannot be called getting rich. Programmers are just employees, go to work and get paid, if any of you dream of getting rich, learn more about business, open your own company.

Or osteoarthritis disease

Because of the nature of the job, most of the programming career will sit all day should be prone to back pain, obesity, degeneration of the spine …

Easy to get bored because of the power delusion

When I first started working, I thought that I would make something big but not every coder had the opportunity to code out Windows, Facebook or make a big app like Grab. Sometimes your job is just to write a small program to receive data from the DB, then export it to an Excel file with a size of 4-5 people … or maybe just create BD, then create more forms. , all day long just hanging around with adding and deleting forms, editing fields and other fields … the work will be quite idle or can be said to be boring, it can erode your will and dreams. Find a passion, interest in the work and enjoy it. If you are passionate about something, no matter how boring it is, you will still feel happy doing it. For example, if your job is just to write a small program to receive data from the DB and export it to an Excel file, you will make your work more interesting by improving how the form handles it. really fast, how to use it more conveniently …

In addition, it is normal for a project to be canceled after many days of having sex with it, your efforts will be ‘poured into the sea’. In this industry, the fact that a project has been conducted for 3-6 months and still canceled, projects that you wrote for 6 months suddenly stopped, is very common and it is also true. Current situation in the programming profession. But this work even if you do not want to improve, this problem is not decided by the ltv where.

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