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Tram Ho


Having a lot of contact with Japanese people, seeing a clear difference is their thinking in their work (called the mindset). This, I think we should learn from them. Currently, the opportunity to work with Japanese people is almost like a meal in Vietnam, so I think it is a good thing to work together if they can better understand their thoughts. So let’s try to see what a new-dev of “Japan is” is: rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


Hello everyone, I have just started becoming a developer for 4 months. During this 4-month period, I tried many methods to see how to develop in the “most powerful” way.

Therefore, I want to share these so that newbie like me can refer.

I often suffer from self-deprecation when comparing my ‘level’ with my colleagues around, so right from the start I set a goal to become better. Let’s progress together!

Since it is newbie, it is not obvious yet

People who are comforting are:

“Being a new person, so it is not natural to know.”

So, do not hide the ignorance but take the initiative to say things that you don’t know, haven’t done it yet! Previously, before I wanted to ask something, I would try and do it all the other way, .. every time I ran out of 3 hours … Just like that, I didn’t ask anyone but did it myself so it couldn’t be improved or very slow. However, since I heard this sentence, I was more open, proactively asking people around me more when I had difficulties. Thanks to that, I felt like my own pace of development has been increased to a new level.

However, how should I ask?

Set rules

It is true that in order not to waste time, when it is difficult to ask people around, there are many people who encounter problems that have asked and tried not to think about solutions.

To solve this situation, we should set rules for ourselves and share it with those around us.

First, create your own rules, then ask everyone around you to comment. Through that people also understand themselves better, so later there is no need to worry about “Is it right to ask now?”, “Ask if this is okay?” That you can comfortably ask when needed.

Although people still say, “Just ask it, there is nothing to be afraid of,” but because you always think that you should only ask for the necessary things, giving the rules will help to avoid that thought.

For example, before, if I didn’t know how to transfer data between the model and controller, I often tried searching on google and tried using debug, sometimes it took 2 hours. So I made up my mind, to avoid wasting time in vain, if I still couldn’t solve it in 30 minutes, I would ask everyone.

Since I followed that rule, if I tried my best and still couldn’t solve it, I didn’t hesitate to ask people around, so that I could resolve and continue my work. Productivity is also thereby increasing.

The rules before asking

Before asking something, you should find out first.

While working

Write out:

  • What I want, What’s the problem?
  • Tried what to do -> Summarize what I wrote to ask.

When asked

Can ask directly or via Chatwork, Slack, ..

Lưu ý : Note again while listening. Somewhere I don’t understand, I have to ask again. When finished, confirm again.

Although I was a bit shy but because I have already figured it out myself, everyone will be happy to help. Just like that, gradually learning a lot.


But life is not always beautiful, there are very difficult cases. Even though I tried to ask it, I still can’t solve it. At this time, it is advisable to ask everyone for pair-programming to solve it.

However, to avoid wasting other people’s time, be prepared before you ask. For example, before I ask, I have to arrange time, get ready to code, note what I have tried, ..

A pair-programming story:

Once there was a jQuery task, I never touched jQuery or Javascript, so I asked a front-end brother to pair-programming. Since I did one after another, everything didn’t understand, so he had to explain from the most basic knowledge, which took nearly 30 minutes. Not to mention there are places about CSS that I have not been able to do 3 days in a row, thanks to everyone’s advice, it was resolved quickly.

When pair-programming means that two people work together to solve a problem, there are those who can do a few days off, which can solve 30p – 1 hour, which is a great method. Good face!

In addition to pair-programming, we are reluctant to spend time with other people, so in some ways, we can learn the fastest way to solve problems, very usefully.

Share what I learned

For new people, every day learn a lot of new things. So even if it is the smallest, try to share it with everyone, which is a way to learn.

Speaking to many people

Because the company will definitely have an internal chat tool, try to say what you learn every day there. Just like that, we can also learn a lot of valuable knowledge from people around us, or if there are mistakes, we will also comment. Although it is not easy, but because you will learn a lot of things, please try this way!

Write articles on blogs about what you have learned

In order to write a quality article, you will definitely have to dig deeper, so that you can know more about what you have learned. In addition, people can see how much they have learned. For those who have helped me, when I see the effort they have made, they will be happy. Moreover, through blogging, you can receive comments and advice not only from everyone in the company but also outside.

In the past, I was very afraid to write it down, thinking that it was correct to just learn a little bit.

At times like that, I asked people around to check back, so it was possible to complete.

For example: When I installed the environment to code Rails, I had a hard time installing it, so although there were a lot of things online, I still decided to write a tutorial with my experience, hoping it would Help for you:

Install Rails + Git + Editor within 30p (Japanese)

If when the article got like the first one, you will definitely enjoy it when it receives 100, 200, 300 likes, .. when you feel like writing. Sometimes when I have difficulties in setting up the environment, I also go back and review, or when someone has difficulties, I also send them my lesson. It’s good to write something really useful.

But there is a problem, that is the time spent is not less. Time to write is only about 5p but time to learn is very much. Although I only wrote 1 article, I felt this. Therefore, I am aiming for that without needing to think too much and writing comfortably.

Anyway, writing is a very intuitive way to monitor your progress. Moreover, the communication capacity can also be improved quickly. So everyone (especially newbie friends like me) please try.

Get regular feedback

Even though every day makes great efforts, it is not always possible to see people around, not knowing whether they are making progress, fast or slow, the current method has right or not,..

-> So it is necessary to ask people to give feedback again.

I think asking directly for senpai, or my mentor to be commented, is most appropriate.

Whether it is for your own good, or for the company, it is something that should be done and maintained together to improve like that.


These are the things that a new person has stepped into the developer path for four months as I have learned. I feel these will be useful not only for those who have just stepped into the IT industry, or are they going to be As a developer, you are struggling to know how to develop yourself, .. like me, so I wrote this article.

Do not be self-deprecating because you are not as good as other colleagues, please show off everything you have and haven’t done, in this “introductory” stage is still being supported by everyone, please try to be able to make further progress !

Try harder every day to become a good engineer!

P / S: As mentioned above, I also hope this article will be helpful for you, especially newbie like me on the way to develop myself!

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