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What is Yoast Seo ?!

There is a thunder that !!! For every 100 WordPress users, there are 101 Yoast Seo Plugin users … so maybe this part I will write will be redundant. But it is more redundant than missing ..

If you already know, you can skip this paragraph, avoid losing time!

Yoast Seo Plugin is one of 6 plugins, as of now there are more than 5 million trusted websites!

Yoast SEO Plugin helps people optimize SEO for their websites. Built and developed by Team Yoast since 2010, the Yoast SEO Plugin is almost indispensable for websites using wordpress CMS.

Basic features of Yoast Seo Plugin Free:

  • Optimize keywords that need SEO and related keywords for the article
  • Optimize On-Page for website
  • Automatically create sitemaps for websites
  • Standard URL configuration, avoid duplicate content
  • And many other features

For example, a website is installing Yoast Seo Plugin: Bongdaplus .Fun

The Yoast Seo Plugin is basically a bridge between everyone’s website and Google, it will help everyone’s game with Google be simpler ‘partly’

The difference between Yoast SEO Free and Yoast SEO Premium

In the above section, I just briefly mentioned some basic features that Yoast SEO Free brings. Of course, with the ‘genuine’ version, everyone will surely enjoy more ‘interesting items’. Take a look at the feature comparison table between Yoast Seo Free & Yoast Seo Premium below for a more overview:

Outstanding features of Yoast Seo Premium

1. Suggest an internal link (Internal Link)

As everyone knows, Internal Link is very important for SEO. It helps to direct users to more relevant and practical content, on the other hand, it also creates a link between articles on the website of every website. people / * Google also likes this * /

Yoast SEO Premium will help people build internal links quickly based on the suggestions available in the article.

2. Redirect URL (Redirect URL)

Sometimes people often need to change the article link (URL) for a reason. But one thing that makes people think about this is that when everyone’s post is on ‘top google’, changing the URL will greatly affect that article. There are actually many ways or plugins to help people handle this manually, but with Yoast SEO Premium ← people do not need to do anything, this plugin will automatically redirect from the old URL to the new URL for everybody.

3. Optimize multiple keywords

As shown in the ‘feature comparison’ table above. By default in Yoast Seo Free, people can only optimize a certain keyword or keyword phrase. But for Yoast Seo Premium, people can add up to 5 words. Keyword or keyword phrases in an article to optimize.

4. Some other advanced add-ons

  • Yoast Seo Local Premium: Also known as SEO Map, if people want to display their business addresses on Google, using Seo Local is a big advantage.
  • Yoast Seo Video Premium: This add-on will support video display if people want it to appear on Google. In addition, Seo Video supports many major platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Wistia, ..
  • Yoast Seo News Premium
  • Yoast Seo WooCommerce Premium

Link to download the plugin directly below:

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