Several free Vue.js Resources for beginners

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No wonder Vue is currently one of the most popular Javascript libraries in the world (154,000 Stars at the moment – higher than React). But where to start with Vue is a question that many new programmers are exposed to Javascript. So I’m going to show you some great resources for getting started with Vue.

Official Vue document

Reading the documentation of a new framework, a new language is always a good idea. From the headers in the document, you can gain some important knowledge. These are very good and will help us a lot in the process of getting started with Vue, visit at: Official Vue docs

Vue JS Crash Course – 2019 by Brad Traversy

Brad Traversy made this awesome course on youtube a while ago and updated it for 2019. Whether you like Brad’s teaching style or not, it’s a great resource worth See: See it here

Learn Vue 2: Step By Step on laracasts

A series of short videos to help you capture each step to master Vue.js, introduced on laracasts. It has more than 30 free lessons but in the last lesson, you will have to register and pay for it. Anyway, it is worth our attention: See at laracats

Vue JS 2 Tutorial by the Net Ninja

Net Ninja has released a series of great lessons on youtube (with 45 videos) to help you grasp the fundamentals of Vue.js. This is a great source of knowledge for beginners, Watch it at youtube

Intro to Vue.js on VueMastery

This is an introduction to Vue rather than a full course but VueM Abbey is a great place for everything Vue. So check it out and decide for yourself if it’s worth watching it. See it at VueMastery

Vue.js 2 – Getting Started by Academind

Academind – AKA Maximilian Schwarzmüller – famous for Udemy courses that attracted many people and had great ratings. This is a free introduction to Vue that you can use to get a good overview and also an idea of ​​Max’s teaching style. Watch it at youtube

Learn Vue.js – Full Course for Beginners – 2019 on freeCodeCamp

This is a great course (total of 3 hours) published on freeCodeCamp and is designed for beginners to use Vue. If you like freeCodeCamp and want to learn about Vue.js then this is what you need! Watch it on youtube .

Vue.js Fundamentals by VueSchool

This is a fairly brief introduction to Vue and only gives you a quick overview. But it’s free -> so decide for yourself if you want to try it out. View it on VueSchool .


In this article, I’ve introduced you to some free resources that make it easy to learn about the great Vue.js library. I hope they will help you improve your skills and start becoming a Front-end Developer


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