Service for drunken people, making a lot of money in Beijing

Tram Ho

Dịch vụ chở người say rượu bia, kiếm bộn tiền ở Bắc Kinh - Ảnh 1.

Liu Pengfei had a month even earning 19,000 yuan. (Source: Reuters)

The law banning alcohol drinkers from driving vehicles has “flourished” a service for drunken people drinking beer in the Chinese capital Beijing.

This is considered a “job” to make money in this city with an average monthly income of a “driver” is about 12,000 yuan (RMB – equivalent to 1,742 USD).

With this job, Liu Pengfei, 33, whose months even earned 19,000 yuan, is twice the average salary in Beijing .

Mr. Liu’s work usually starts in the evening and late at night – when the pubs become more active and busy. The demand for this service at that time also increased by 2 to 3 times.

With this job, the tenants often gathered at a point away from the nightclubs, dining venues within a radius of 100m and waiting for customers to connect via the phone application.

Typically, Liu and his colleagues will use the customer’s car to take them home. However, not all tenants are asking to take home immediately, because according to Mr. Liu, one third of the customers he served asked him to take him to another entertainment place instead of going home.

Dịch vụ chở người say rượu bia, kiếm bộn tiền ở Bắc Kinh - Ảnh 2.

Renters often gather at a point away from nightclubs, dining venues. (Source: Reuters)

The demand for hiring of passengers has increased after midnight, especially after the Beijing capital government allowed the shops and bars to be opened late to serve as a measure to promote the night economy.

It is unclear the effectiveness of these solutions for the Chinese economy, which has had the lowest growth rate in the past 30 years, but it is clear that the service providers carrying drunk people and alcohol have benefited. first.

Figures from DiDi Chuxing – China’s largest ride-hailing platform – show that after midnight midnight alcohol orders increase by 20% in the central business district in the North. Kinh, meanwhile, in other cities such as Dongguan, Zhengzhou … the number of customers booking this service increased to 50%.

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