Series of Apple products will be subject to 15% tax from Sunday this week

Tram Ho

The trade war between the United States and China will begin to affect Apple this week, so the trade war threatens to drag the largest US technology company into a situation of increasing prices with some consumer products. The most popular, and also affects the global supply chain.

The move to increase taxes to 15% for some products imported from China that the US President has recently launched will officially take effect from Sunday this week.

The price of hundreds of Chinese goods to the US will be subject to higher taxes, and even similar items that have been imported into the US before will be subject to higher taxes, according to the new tax rules. A veteran industry analyst is hoping for a last-minute “fire” solution.

In a study published Friday, Gene Munster, of the Loup Ventures Foundation, commented: “The US tax increase on Apple products without any other measures to reduce impact will not be pleasant. . We believe that the US does not want to be the first company to raise taxes on Apple products because of the fact that Apple is the leading company in the United States and the face of American business in China. ”

“Not to mention that US protective measures first impact on a leading US company while China does not punish Apple will make moral risks pushed higher,” he added. .

Any damage mitigation for Apple is likely to be difficult on Friday when the Trump administration shows little sign of giving in and blaming U.S. companies for failing to respond. deal with trade policy which, according to him, creates many unequal competitors. Apple however did not respond to suggestions from the press.

Apple’s higher-tax group of products includes AirPods, HomePod speakers, Beats headphones, iMac computers, and iPhone components.

IPhone phones, which contribute more than half of Apple’s revenue, will not be subject to 15% tax until December 15, 2019. However, many other hardware products that contribute about 10% of the company’s revenue in 2019 are subject to a 15% tax from Sunday.

It is unclear whether Apple will increase product prices or accept to share with users the cost of this tariff. The profit margin Apple has is still higher than many other consumer technology companies.


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Source : Diễn Đàn Đầu Tư