Selenium Series – 1 – Selenium – Steps to create a test case on Selenium IDE.

Tram Ho

Here I introduce some basic knowledge and operation of Selenium IDE, some basic steps when using Selenium IDE in browsers.

1. Selenium IDE.

Selenium IDE is a Chrome and Firefox extension to make it easy to record and playback test in the browser.

  • Record
  • Generate (Selenese)
  • Play

1.1. Record

  • Save step by step interactive activities on website.

1.2. Generate (Selenese)

  • The up runs in Selenium IDE, your test script.

1.3. Play

  • Perform interactive steps on the website and perform assert and verify.

1.4. Kiểm TRA

  • Test case is the description of a data
    1. Input (input data).
    2. Action, Event (action, event).
    3. Output (outputs).
  • Test cases to test whether each function of the software application works properly or not.

1.5. Assert and Verify.

  • Assert is performing a test of the results, if false (False, Faluire) immediately ends executing (abort).
  • Verify is to perform test results, if false (False, Faluire) continue to execute.

2. Practices

2.1. Install extension on Chrome.

Link to install Extension Selenium IDE .

Open tool

2.2. Create a Selenese.

2.2.1. Record: REC

  • Create selenese.

Steps to create selenese

  • The command is created as follows:

  • Save record

  • Real run test:

  • End of test:

You have completed the basic steps of Selenium IDE. In the next section, I will go into the components of the Selenium IDE command.

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