See through nature: Why is Huawei ‘s “supreme leader” flattering Apple on the cloud all week?

Tram Ho

Referring to Huawei has always mentioned one of the most “powerful” competitors in the smartphone world. From claiming to beat Samsung in 2020 to contemptuous disparities for OPPO / Vivo or the ambition to bring Honor’s sub-brand to Xiaomi, China’s No. 1 company has never shown humility before Player.

Suddenly changed

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Huawei “troll” Apple is more than any other competitor, including Samsung.

Apple is, of course, Huawei’s heaviest offensive target. In 2018, Huawei donated backup battery for iFan to wait for the purchase of iPhone outside Apple Store in Singapore and London. In 2017, Huawei posted a “clown” image with the iPhone X’s face recognition feature – a feature that Huawei later learned to defeat . In 2015, Huawei “troll” features Force Touch and in 2014, Huawei posted clips by both Apple and Samsung. In all product launches, Huawei always took Apple as a benchmark.

Yet, since President Trump cut off the global expansion path , Huawei has turned to make good with the Tao. Huawei’s sweet words even came directly from the supreme leader of this group: chairman, Nham Chinh Phi founder. Last week, Mr. Nham called Apple an “ideal model” for Huawei to learn about data protection for users. In late May, in an interview with Bloomberg, he praised Apple as “the world’s leading company, my teacher, the leader ahead of us.”

Why is this 180 degree change? Here are some reasons to think about.

Unexpected common point of Apple and Huawei

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Trade stress is harmful to both Apple and Huawei.

This is what Nham Chinh Phi has undoubtedly realized: in the US-China trade war, Apple and Huawei suffered. Huge losses for Huawei are also clear, but Apple is not happy either: right after Trump’s ban, Chinese netizens boarded Weibo called for a boycott of Apple. According to Canalys data, Apple sold 6.5 million iPhones in China in the first quarter of 2019, or about 16% of its total worldwide sales.

Not stopping here, because most iPhones sold globally are produced by Foxconn / Pegatron in China. The US-China trade war has also led Apple to constantly worry about tariffs being applied at any time. Also because Apple is the only US smartphone company to be available on the world mobile map, any negative impression for the United States will also be associated with Apple.

Therefore, Huawei can absolutely consider Apple as an “ally” in the ongoing trade war. Both parties suffered, and if Huawei could contribute to building a more friendly atmosphere – including “friendly” with Apple, the company could create more momentum for all parties. and voiced together to help cool down the US-China war.

Huawei also needs to be cured

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CFO Huawei, Nham Chinh Phi’s daughter, a genuine iFan.

When tensions especially escalated in the last 12 years, Canada arrested the CFO Huawei, also the daughter of Nham Chinh Phi. When arrested, Mrs Manh Van Chu (according to her mother’s name) brought with her a Huawei smartphone along with … an iPhone, a MacBook and an iPad.

Nham’s praises mention this: “I bought Apple products for the whole family.” But it is also the talent of president Huawei: from an embarrassing event, he turned into a PR opportunity for the company. By …

… Praise Apple for Huawei!

With a 79% market share in the smartphone segment above $ 800 , iPhone is undeniably representing the concept of “high-end smartphones”. But when it comes to high-end icons, everyone wants to “throw in”: for a long time, Huawei, Xiaomi, Microsoft, Google or OPPO have brought Apple to compare is just a “waltz”.

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Unprecedented “PR” unprecedented: Frankly admits to learning from the opponent.

Praising Apple is another way to “whip” a bit of aroma for Huawei. When Nham said Apple was a “model” of Huawei, when he frankly admitted that the whole family loved Apple, there will surely be a part of consumers who bring a more positive look about Huawei smartphones. Well, it turns out that Huawei not only knows arrogance, but also knows how to learn good things!

But praising Apple for harming Huawei?

Actually … no. Few people realize that, together with the older man, the second largest in the world, but Huawei and Apple can hardly be considered direct competitors. In 2018, the average selling price of Huawei / Honor smartphones has not reached USD 260 / unit, which is less than 1/3 of the average selling price of the iPhone. Even the top Huawei series such as Mate and P only started at less than $ 600 (Chinese price), while the iPhone XR despite Apple’s “second-class” also cost up to $ 750.

Nhìn thấu bản chất: Vì sao cả tuần nay lãnh đạo tối thượng của Huawei cứ tâng bốc Apple lên mây vậy? - Ảnh 5.

Making friends with Apple is the “most beautiful” chess move that Nham can go at this time.

Apple is still the king of a realm – where Huawei’s imprint is fuzzy. Appreciating Apple doesn’t hurt Huawei’s main piece, because Apple doesn’t compete with Huawei on that segment. In contrast, as mentioned above, praising Apple at this time will bring many benefits to Huawei!

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