See the Tesla Model 3 travel 600km by itself, from San Francisco to Los Angeles with almost no driver intervention

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Recently, a Tesla Model 3 equipped with the brand new Full Self-Driving Beta system from the American electric car company went all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles with almost no human intervention.

The owner of the car, YouTuber “Whole Mars Catalog”, posted a timelapse video of the trip on his YouTube site. You can see his Model 3 switch from FSD Beta mode while traveling in the inner city to “Navigate on Autopilot” mode when entering the highway.

Xem chiếc Tesla Model 3 tự đi hết 600km, từ San Francisco đến Los Angeles mà hầu như không cần tài xế can thiệp - Ảnh 1.

In fact, during the running, the car is not completely “absent” from the driver’s control. Whole Mars Catalog points out in the video description that, after crossing the Los Angeles border, ” I had to intervene a bit when a large debris suddenly appeared on the road after a car pulled off the road “.

“Just to be sure, I can’t wait to see if the FSD dodges it and has to steer to squeeze through the debris. But beside the moment of holding the steering wheel for exactly that second, from start to finish. No more interference “- the description says.

The owner also stops at two Supercharger roadside charging stations. At Market Street in LA, the car exhibits some strange behavior when it changes to the next lane – according to the driver.

Overall, just two months after Tesla started rolling out the FSD Beta to a handful of users, it seems like a pretty interesting example of the technology in action – while also revealing the potential. of the self-driving technology of the future.

Since October of last year, FSD Beta has received quite a few updates and improvements. This is an overhaul of the system that allows Tesla electric cars to drive on urban roads.

The system has caused some minor controversy because of its name – detractors say the system should not be called “Full Self-Driving” because Tesla advises drivers to stay in love. alert and ready to hold the steering wheel when needed.

Still, this trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles shows the progress Tesla is making on its way to full autonomy thanks to components such as cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors, and driving data. the real world.

This is a milestone in self-driving on long distances with only cameras, and I hope to see more examples like this, ” said Whole Mars Catalog.

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