Scientists told not to watch HD Netflix if you want to save the planet

Tram Ho

Nowadays, streaming movies and other multimedia content in HD resolution is no longer a strange thing. However, have you ever thought about the environmental impacts of taking this action?

According to a study conducted by scientists at the Royal Society, streaming HD video on smartphones produces eight times more emissions than streaming SD video. This number makes us think even more when on a small screen, viewers rarely notice the difference between 480p and 720p resolution.

The authors of the study urged online platforms as well as regulators to take measures to limit the stream resolution as well as set the default resolution to the SD level to reduce carbon emissions in each stream and contribute to the fight against climate change. “The decision to limit the stream resolution must be made by the platforms and regulators, instead of the consumer ” – said the scientists.

Their report also emphasizes that the estimated emissions of the digital industry account for between 1.4 and 5.9 percent of total global emissions.

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Another simple solution is to save energy, which according to the report is to encourage people to turn off screens when streaming music if they just listen and not watch. This small solution can reduce emissions from a streaming service by up to 5%, a reduction equivalent to the achievement achieved by running YouTube’s servers on renewable energy.

The report also offers a few other recommendations so that consumers, governments, and the digital industry can reduce their impact on the planet’s sustainability.

Making phones, laptops, tablets and smart TVs is a process that generates quite a bit of carbon emissions. However, consumers tend to change smartphones once a year. But using a cell phone for two years means the carbon emissions used in the manufacturing process will be about half of the total emissions the phone generates over its lifetime.

If people keep their phones for four years instead of two, the emissions will be cut in half ” – said the scientists.

Reference: IndiaToday

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