Samsung will universalize wireless charging for the A series by 2021

Tram Ho

The next generation of Galaxy A series devices can be powered wirelessly without the need for any additional accessories, demonstrating Samsung’s intention to bring more and more flagship features to its models. machine in the intermediate segment.

It was the content posted on SamMobile, which took information that another Korean website gathered from various sources in the industry. Currently, Samsung only considers wireless charging for its flagship S and Note models.

The source further revealed that we can see the first A series devices with wireless charging by 2021, most likely to be the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72.

Samsung is said to be working with three wireless charging module suppliers – Hansol Technics, Amotech, and Chemtronics, of which Hansol Technics may be responsible for developing the first wireless charging modules for the line. Galaxy A. These are the same companies that supply the Galaxy S20 series.

Samsung sẽ phổ cập tính năng sạc không dây cho dòng A vào năm 2021 - Ảnh 1.

Hansol Technics will begin mass production of wireless charging modules and will be the main supplier in about 2 months. After that, the remaining two companies will begin to enter the production phase and put the complete design of Hansol into mass production.

The company is also expected to reduce production costs through mass production, and because the A-series devices are quite well priced compared to flagship models, Samsung can confidently boost the production of its models. This module aims to make wireless charging a “common” feature for mid-range devices.

If the above information is correct, Samsung will surely strengthen its position and strategy in the Indian market as well as other markets, where they are placing strong bets on good-priced smartphones. So far, in India, only Samsung’s flagship phones, iPhones, OnePlus 8 Pro, and Mi 10 support wireless charging.

Reference: TechRadar

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