Samsung will play an important role in the production of the iPhone 12 and make a huge profit

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According to a report published yesterday, Samsung will continue to play an important role in the production of the iPhone 12. It is to ensure the supply of most OLED panels, used on the iPhone. twelfth.

The iPhone 12 series is expected to be Apple’s biggest upgrade and change in recent years. With a new bezel design, OLED panels on all models, for the first time integrated 5G technology. And it looks like Samsung, Apple’s biggest competitor, will also benefit from those.

Samsung sẽ đóng một vai trò quan trọng trong việc sản xuất những chiếc iPhone 12 và thu về lợi nhuận khổng lồ - Ảnh 1.

Although Samsung will account for the bulk of OLED panel orders for the iPhone 12, the Korean company is not Apple’s sole supplier. Both LG Display and BOE Technology will also produce OLED panels for the iPhone 12. However, Samsung accounts for 80%.

Samsung has long been making display panels for iPhones, starting with the iPhone X launched in 2017. Back then, Apple completely depended on Samsung as the sole supplier of OLED panels. Recently, however, Apple has started to add new suppliers, LG Display and BOE.

Of course, Samsung is fully capable of supplying all OLED panels for Apple’s iPhones. But Apple wants to reduce risks and dependence on its competitors. If Samsung’s production line is in trouble, the production of iPhone will be interrupted immediately. It is therefore essential to find additional suppliers.

This year is a little different from previous years, that all new iPhone 12 models will use OLED panels. While in previous years Apple used both LCD and OLED screens. So even though Samsung doesn’t supply 100% of OLED panels to Apple like every year, the number of orders will still be very large.

According to reports from previous years, Samsung could make more than $ 100 on every iPhone sold. Samsung is willing to help its rivals because this is a huge deal.

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