Samsung wants to make computer monitors a ‘one for all’ option

Tram Ho

Understanding that, Samsung has recently updated a new series of Smart Monitor screens with many sizes to “kill two birds with one arrow”.

If you’re sitting in front of your desk trying to decide if a TV is the right choice, you probably already know that buying a large screen these days is incredibly easy. easily, when TVs have also achieved resolutions as high as dedicated monitors.

For most desks, a screen up to 43-inches is probably already large enough, although monitors of this size will often be significantly more expensive than similar TVs, making them a difficult choice. so it’s not very feasible. Taking into account the different features between the two types of monitors, the answer to TVs or dedicated monitors can be a lot more complicated than you think.

When it comes to size, we’ve always assumed: the bigger the screen, the further away you’ll need to sit – yet another problem to deal with when placing the monitor on a desk.

When it comes to resolution, the TV clearly has the upper hand. At an acceptable price point, you can easily find a 4K TV, which is an expensive feature on dedicated computer monitors. And let’s not forget in terms of features, if you want to use your computer screen to make a TV, it won’t have the typical features of a TV, forcing you to use extra accessories like Chromecast to meet the needs.

Smart TV features aren’t usually built into most computer monitors. Computer monitors generally only have one or two inputs, and those are the only things they have.

Samsung muốn biến màn hình máy tính thành lựa chọn “một cho tất cả” - Ảnh 1.

Samsung mentioned this limitation when it released a screen model with an operating system similar to that on TVs, capable of installing applications to watch movies, and allowing you to use it as a computer – similar to the “DeX” desktop transformation technology, which was originally a hardware device to turn a phone into a desktop, has now become a built-in software in Samsung’s tablet models.

This year, the Korean electronics company continues to offer customers more options in the Smart Monitor “M” line, with a 24-inch model with Full HD resolution in addition to the 27-inch and 32-inch models. available, as well as a 43-inch, 4K resolution M7 model.

Samsung muốn biến màn hình máy tính thành lựa chọn “một cho tất cả” - Ảnh 2.

While sizes and resolutions vary between smart display models, they are all equipped with AirPlay 2 to allow Macs and other devices to wirelessly send screen images, and can play documents. Microsoft 365 and Samsung DeX desktop operating system directly from the screen if you have a compatible phone, that means you don’t need a PC anymore. On the back of the monitor models is a Type C port and several standard USB ports, as well as Bluetooth and WiFi, allowing the monitor to connect to the phone as well as a keyboard and mouse.

As people around the world spend more time working, studying and playing at home, our homes are being transformed into a multi-functional environment, ” says Phil Gaut, solution director. Samsung Australia display and memory solutions.

Samsung muốn biến màn hình máy tính thành lựa chọn “một cho tất cả” - Ảnh 3.

” Our Smart Monitor product line will continue to offer users even more convenient and flexible ways to complete their daily activities with the help of technology, allowing customers to truly ‘do’. everything’ through a powerful PC and mobile connection right on the smartest display on the market today, ” he continued.

The selling price of Samsung Smart Monitor M5 27-inch version is 7,590,000 VND, and the 32-inch version is 8,390,000 VND. The 4K model, the 32-inch Samsung Smart Monitor M7 costs VND 12,189,000, and the 43-inch version is expected to be released this July.

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