Samsung unveils DDR5 RAM module with up to 512GB of memory

Tram Ho

Recently, Samsung suddenly revealed the 512GB DDR5 RAM module at the Hot Chips 33 event, with extremely impressive parameters. This 512GB DDR5 RAM module can be almost twice as powerful as DDR4.

Samsung’s DDR5-7200 RAM module promises to deliver 40% faster speeds than DDR4, along with double the memory capacity and lower voltage usage. RAM memory is very important and affects the speed of processing tasks, so the idea of ​​a single module with up to 512GB of memory is really impressive.

Samsung hé lộ module RAM DDR5 với bộ nhớ lên tới 512GB - Ảnh 1.

The reason Samsung was able to cram such a large amount of memory into a single module, is due to the design of 8 stacked DDR5 dies. While DDR4 is limited to 4 dies, even in the most powerful modules available today.

However, the thickness of this DDR5 RAM module is not an issue for you to worry about. In fact, Samsung’s DDR5 RAM module is even thinner than the DDR4 RAM module, up to 0.2mm. The reason is that Samsung uses a new wafer technology, reducing the thickness by up to 40%.

Another big advantage of this DDR5 RAM module is voltage. Samsung says this RAM module will use 1V voltage, lower than DDR4. Thanks to that, the 512GB DDR5 RAM module, although it has significantly greater speed and capacity, is more power efficient.

Sadly, Samsung says it won’t make DDR5 RAM modules for computers, at least not for now. Instead, Samsung will provide new DDR5 RAM modules for servers and data centers.

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