Samsung teases the camera technology hidden under the screen, but not for smartphones

Tram Ho

Recently, the official page of Samsung Display on the Weibo social network in China has posted a short video, “teasing” for a completely new hidden camera technology to be deployed by Samsung in the future. near the. However, it is worth noting that this technology is not used on high-end smartphones but on laptops using OLED screens.

Samsung teases the camera technology hidden under the screen for its laptops, OLEDj

From the video above we can see an ultrabook with an upgraded screen, using a high-end OLED panel with significantly improved thinness and weight. Specifically, this new OLED panel will be only 1mm thin, half thinner than traditional screen panels, and up to 70% lighter.

A special feature about this screen technology is that it has a screen border that is removed almost completely compared to today’s laptops, accompanied by the hidden camera technology (UPC) integrated as a solution. solutions for ultrabook models.

Samsung nhá hàng công nghệ camera ẩn dưới màn hình, nhưng không dành cho smartphone - Ảnh 2.

At the moment, we cannot be sure when Samsung will officially roll out the new OLED display technology. It is speculated that by the second half of this year, these laptops equipped with OLED panels will hit the market. This is also the time when the Galaxy Z Fold3 was introduced, because earlier there was information about the Z Fold3 being the first Samsung smartphone equipped with camera technology hidden under the screen.

Tonight at 10 o’clock, Samsung will officially present the latest Galaxy S21 at Unpack 2021.

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