Samsung releases cartoon style MV for ringtone “Over the Horizon” 2022

Tram Ho

Each year, Samsung changes the sound of the “Over the Horizon” ringtone by keeping the core melody intact, but collaborating with different musicians to create a new version, to keep the ringtone appealing at the same time. reflect current world trends.

Samsung phát hành MV phong cách hoạt hình cho nhạc chuông "Over the Horizon" 2022 - Ảnh 1.

The 2022 version of “Over the Horizon” comes from LA-based producer Kiefer Shackleford and features the musician’s multi-genre music, a bit of hip-hop and jazztronica. The Galaxy S22 series comes pre-installed with this new ringtone.

2022 is also the first time Samsung has released an animated video with Over the Horizon. The video was created by Grammy-nominated artist and producer, Phil Beaudreau.

This year’s theme is “New World”, reflecting life after the pandemic. The video gives hope for a world where people can live to the fullest, no longer worrying about the pandemic.

“While the Galaxy S22 gives you the power and freedom to shape your own world, the latest version of Over the Horizon encourages us to make that world its best place,” said Samsung. in a press release.

Reference: GSMArena

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