Samsung launches One UI Watch for Galaxy Watch, based on Android Wear OS

Tram Ho

At the MWC 2021 event held on June 28, Samsung introduced the new One UI Watch platform specifically for Galaxy Watch devices. Notably, this new platform is no longer based on Tizen OS as before, instead, Samsung will use Google’s Wear OS operating system, which has now been renamed Wear after the relationship. cooperation between Samsung and Google. One UI Watch will be installed for the first time on the Galaxy Watch4 generation that is about to be launched in August.

Samsung ra mắt One UI Watch dành cho Galaxy Watch, dựa trên Android Wear OS - Ảnh 1.

Based on Google’s Wear OS, One UI Watch will essentially be more deeply integrated with Android. This is also what Samsung is committed to bringing to users: a unified smartwatch experience.

When a user downloads an app from Google Play and that app has a smartwatch version, the app is automatically installed on the smartwatch. The settings and customizations for the phone will also be synced with the watch in the most seamless way.

Seamless Experience

One UI Watch will also support more popular apps on the Galaxy Watch series, including essential apps like Strava, Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Maps, etc. Previously, due to using its own operating system, Therefore, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch does not support many essential applications.

App Ecosystem

In addition, Samsung will bring an improved watch face design tool, making it easier and more personalized for designers to create new watch faces.

In addition, Samsung is also committed to a longer battery life and stronger performance with devices running One UI Watch. The move to the Android platform allows Galaxy Watch users to have a more consistent experience.

It is expected that the upcoming Galaxy Watch4 later this summer will be the first smartwatch to run on the One UI Watch platform. There is currently no word on whether Samsung will update One UI Watch for older Galaxy Watch devices.

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