Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 become the next victim of chip shortages

Tram Ho

The global shortage of semiconductors is increasingly affecting many manufacturers. The next victim is Samsung, the Korean giant is having difficulty in producing two new smartphone models, the Galaxy A52 and A72. Two new mid-range smartphones, launched in March, are among Samsung’s best-selling smartphones.

Currently, these two smartphones are only available in the European market. Even Samsung’s largest market, the US, currently only has a single 5G version of the Galaxy A52 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A52 và A72 trở thành nạn nhân tiếp theo của tình trạng thiếu hụt chip - Ảnh 1.

According to Korean site Elec, Samsung’s current difficulty is not having enough processor chip supply. Specifically, the Snapdragon 720G and Snapdragon 750G chips manufactured by Qualcomm, are equipped in the Galaxy A52 and A72. A Qualcomm representative also acknowledged that the chip shortage could last until the end of 2021.

There is currently no exact time when the Galaxy A52 and A72 will be available for sale globally. This is also a signal that smartphone manufacturers will face many difficulties in the near future, when the shortage of processor chips has not been resolved.

Reference: gizchina

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