Samsung drives positive change for the mobile industry with the new Galaxy S

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Only a few days left, the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event will officially take place. This is the place for Samsung to introduce to consumers the New generation of Galaxy S, the flagship smartphone that the company “designed for the present and the future”.

Samsung thúc đẩy những thay đổi tích cực cho ngành công nghệ di động với Galaxy S mới - Ảnh 1.

“We believe that mobile technology can be the catalyst that enriches people’s lives and shapes the future according to that vision” – Mr. TM Roh.

Recently, on the eve of the event, Mr. TM Roh – President and Director of Mobile Experience Department at Samsung Electronics provided users with an overview of this upcoming super product and the challenges facing the industry. The mobile industry is facing and Samsung’s approach in the coming time.

New performance benchmark

It must be affirmed that mobile devices such as smartphones are becoming more and more essential in daily life, becoming the focus of technological upgrades and improvements. This is also the comment of Mr. TM Roh when talking about the importance of breakthroughs in new experiences, in order to meet the diverse and flexible needs of users in all aspects of life.

Samsung thúc đẩy những thay đổi tích cực cho ngành công nghệ di động với Galaxy S mới - Ảnh 2.

TM Roh also revealed that the main upgrades on the New Galaxy S will include “a professional camera system that gets smarter and better, delivering super-beautiful photos and videos in all lighting conditions.” . In addition, “optimizing hardware and software, the next-generation chipset delivers fast and powerful Galaxy performance and ecosystem connectivity is easier and more seamless than ever.”

Samsung thúc đẩy những thay đổi tích cực cho ngành công nghệ di động với Galaxy S mới - Ảnh 3.

And of course, the Galaxy S Ultra will still be the focus of attention when merging the Galaxy Note experience with the S Pen stylus and outstanding performance, Mr. TM Roh said it will be “a pioneer smartphone device”. top-notch power, performance, and creativity.” It can be seen that the New Galaxy S is worth looking forward to when it comes with a full range of powerful and trendy technology upgrades.

Innovation towards a sustainable future

In addition to his innovative vision of mobile technology, Mr. TM Roh also mentioned “the responsibility to contribute to a better world, towards a more equitable and sustainable future” in the face of global challenges such as the The climate crisis is very complex. Since then, innovation is not only about upgrading performance, but also putting sustainability at the center of innovations, with low impact on the environment, has become Samsung’s development direction.

In its position, it can be said that Samsung is one of the few large corporations in the world that really upholds environmental issues. With a commitment to combating climate change, Mr. TM Roh shared: “We strive to make essential technologies more environmentally friendly, considering every stage of the product lifecycle with Sustainability is the first priority.”

Samsung thúc đẩy những thay đổi tích cực cho ngành công nghệ di động với Galaxy S mới - Ảnh 4.

Inhee Chung, Vice President of the Center for Corporate Sustainability at Samsung shared the idea of ​​Living Green Every Day to contribute to improving the environment at CES.

The company’s efforts can be seen through offering solutions to reduce carbon emissions and save electricity right from the production stage. According to Samsung’s announcement at CES 2022, it is expected that by 2030, the DX department will use renewable energy and achieve “zero” net emissions (Net Zero) and will apply to all industries by 2050. .

Solutions to help reduce energy consumption as well as using new environmentally friendly materials are especially appreciated by Samsung. These can be mentioned as the solution to recycle fishing nets left in the sea, a type of dangerous waste that is destroying the habitat and natural marine life.

Samsung thúc đẩy những thay đổi tích cực cho ngành công nghệ di động với Galaxy S mới - Ảnh 5.

Samsung won the SEAL Sustainable Product Award 2022 with the idea of ​​​​developing new materials from ocean waste.

By working with global partners, Samsung collects and recycles new materials, which are used as key components in the upcoming Galaxy S22 Series as well as the upcoming New Galaxy S. That has contributed to reducing waste in the ocean, ensuring a natural and balanced living environment and making the New Galaxy S the pioneering sustainable smartphone today.

From eco-friendly materials to global partnerships, Samsung is exploring every opportunity to use mobile technology to drive positive change globally. “We work with like-minded partners to bring people closer together and spread positive change for humanity and the planet; as well as setting new standards for the technology industry,” said TM Roh.

The New Galaxy S generation will be officially launched at dawn on February 2 during the Galaxy UnPacked 2023 event. For outstanding experiences and discovery of sustainable innovation technologies, stay tuned. at Samsung’s website and communication channels. In addition, customers also have the opportunity to immediately receive a discount of 1 million VND and the “Getting the Full Night” experience in Korea (limited capacity) when registering early for the New Galaxy!

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