Samsung cut features on 4K TVs to force users to buy 8K TVs

Tram Ho

A seemingly obvious rule of technology is that newer products must be better than older products. However, Samsung is going against this rule, as its 2020 QLED 4K TV generation is worse than the previous 2019 generation that it replaced.

Samsung has recently announced its latest 4K QLED TVs, including the Q95T, Q90T, Q80T, Q70T, and Q60T. These models will also be available in Vietnam market in the near future. The point of this line, according to the discovery of FlatPanelsHD , is that it has become backward in image quality compared to its counterparts from last year.

Specifically, the best QLED 4K model of Samsung in 2019 is the Q90R with more than 500 “dimming zones”, while this year’s Q90T model is only about 100. “Local dimming” is an important feature of the TV. High-end LCD, when it helps improve the contrast and depth of black. Whether dimming zones work well or not depends on the number of “dimming zones”, the more dimming zones a TV has, the more effective local dimming will be.

Now, with the 4K QLED TV that has been significantly reduced by the amount of dimming zones by Samsung, users who want to get the best picture quality will have to buy the QLED 8K TV.

Samsung cắt giảm tính năng trên TV 4K nhằm bắt ép người dùng mua TV 8K - Ảnh 1.

Samsung will “reserve” the best features for QLED 8K series TVs

Another feature that the QLED 4K 2020 TV has cut is the HDMI 2.1 port. Compared to the previous generation of HDMI 2.0, HDMI 2.1 has 2.5 times the bandwidth (48Gbps compared to 18Gbps) and allows the transfer of 4K 120fps or 8K 60fps content to the big screen. Currently, HDMI 2.1 has not brought much value, but in the future, this will be an important factor that every high-end TV must have.

This action by Samsung is facing opposition from users. At a time when 8K content is almost nonexistent, most say it is superfluous to spend money to buy an 8K TV, especially when the market today is full of 4K TVs with image quality. good and fully equipped that Samsung’s next generation QLED 4K TV is missing.

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