Samsung and SK Hynix stopped supplying components to Huawei

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According to reports by South Korean news agencies, Samsung and SK Hynix will stop supplying Huawei components after the Trump administration continues to tighten sanctions on the Chinese smartphone maker. Both Korean companies will stop cooperating with Huawei as of September 15.

Before that, Samsung was a supplier of camera sensors and OLED panels to Huawei. SK Hynix is ​​a supplier of memory chips, related to the RAM in Huawei smartphones. These components are all quite important for smartphones.

Samsung và SK Hynix ngừng cung cấp linh kiện cho Huawei - Ảnh 1.

The latest US government sanction was issued in August. Accordingly, the US banned all non-US technology companies, but using American technology in production lines, to be allowed to cooperate. and supply components to Huawei.

This move left Huawei in a very serious situation, the Chinese giant said it could no longer produce Kirin processor chips to equip its smartphones.

Taiwan’s semiconductor maker TSMC has stopped accepting Huawei chip manufacturing orders since May. Huawei calls it an “arbitrary and cruel” rule, intending to have a plan to sue the government. America.

The Chinese government, in an effort to help Huawei, has financed a local semiconductor maker SMIC. This is seen as an alternative to TSMC, allowing Huawei to continue to produce its own processor chips. However, the Trump administration has also threatened to punish SMIC.

Huawei is increasingly having less options for sourcing components for its smartphones. Although Qualcomm is said to be lobbying the US Administration to be allowed to work with Huawei. However, the future ahead of Huawei is still very dark and there is not any viable solution yet.

Reference: theverge


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