Samsung and many times opened new smartphone trends

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Contrary to rivals, Samsung has taken different steps: the first Galaxy S with a 4-inch screen and then the Galaxy Note with 5.3 inches. The result so far we can see is that this large Korean electronics firm has made the right decision, shaping the market and understanding the needs of users who want a product of screen size. bigger.

Samsung và không ít lần mở ra những trào lưu smartphone mới - Ảnh 1.

Galaxy S first life next to the current Galaxy S10 +.

All phone companies are in the race, in turn to produce models with increasing sizes, each with a new life. Even the era of tablet (tablet) was born and survived until later as a completely separate “school”.

Desire to experience portable electronic devices with large display sizes have never “heat”

Although the smartphone has an increasing screen size, the need for a tablet is still there. The clearest evidence is that the market of this product has not shown signs of slowing down this year, and that is the premise that consumers are still in favor, willing to give up more money to own the car to get a better experience.

Samsung và không ít lần mở ra những trào lưu smartphone mới - Ảnh 2.

The reason for large screen products like tablet continues to rise because today the digital content is growing and more popular than in previous years and there are many services for users to experience it. Besides, the work that comes with entertainment always needs a smooth balance and conversion, so a large screen product for easy multitasking is always necessary in today’s digital age.

The advantage with the large display space, but the opposite of the majority of today’s tablets is that it does not come with SMS or phone calls – a question almost every popular customer when coming out Electronic stores are wondering.

Samsung và không ít lần mở ra những trào lưu smartphone mới - Ảnh 3.

To reconcile both advantages, Samsung offers a phablet solution, a super-large display size phone that still features a call / texting feature anytime, anywhere. Launched at the beginning of the summer, Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) promises to create a new trend fever when bringing a completely different definition: “phone board”.

Equipped with a large 8-inch screen, this is considered the phone with the largest screen size currently. Of course, with such a spacious space, users can be satisfied with many blockbuster movies or “plow” movies for hours without worrying about eye strain.

Samsung và không ít lần mở ra những trào lưu smartphone mới - Ảnh 4.

Not only suitable for young users, the big screen with Samsung’s friendly interface is the perfect combination for older people, allowing the display of large, clear, easy-to-manipulate text and prizes. with children This is a move that shows that Samsung is not only focusing on young people but also in every age segment, and looking further, this technology company wants to serve, welcoming all users to the product. their.

Configure Galaxy Tab 8.0 at medium level just enough, along with a terrible battery to 5,100 mAh promises to help users can experience all day without worrying too much about mid-load.

Samsung và không ít lần mở ra những trào lưu smartphone mới - Ảnh 5.

And finally, what makes this “tablet phone” easily accessible to all users is the price. With VND 3.69 million, it is clear that no smartphone or tablet can be placed at this price with many features like Tab A 8.0 (2019) can do. This promises to be a new game and Samsung continues to be the owner in this market.

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