Samsung also stopped selling new products in Russia

Tram Ho

According to an announcement on Friday, Samsung has temporarily stopped shipping all of its products to Russia. Due to the current geopolitical developments, shipments to Russia have been suspended. We will continue to monitor this complex situation to determine next steps.”

Samsung’s suspension of shipments to Russia includes not only smartphones, but also processor chips and other consumer electronics. That means users in Russia have been cut off from a huge range of products from one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers.

Samsung cũng dừng bán sản phẩm mới tại Nga - Ảnh 1.

Before that, Apple also stopped selling its products in Russia. Next, Microsoft also stopped selling its products and providing services in Russia. Game developers like EA and CD Projekt Red have also stopped selling in Russia.

Meanwhile, Google has stopped selling ads in Russia. Facebook and Twitter also stopped promoting Russian media globally.

Reference: theverge

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