Samsung actively invests in chip and screen material research in response to Japan’s export ban

Tram Ho

Samsung recently said that it is planning to fund 15 research projects including developing semiconductor materials to serve long-term plans. Supporting this plan is an investment program to research and cultivate future technology.

Samsung tích cực đầu tư nghiên cứu chip, vật liệu màn hình nhằm đối phó với lệnh cấm xuất khẩu của Nhật Bản - Ảnh 1.

This program was established in 2013 with the aim of funding potential projects in three areas of basic scientific research, material technology and information & communication technology.

Samsung said this time it chose to fund research projects in four areas including advanced semiconductor materials, process and device technology, new generation displays, commercial robots and standard solutions. guess, health care.

The selection of improved semiconductor materials research and development projects is not too difficult to understand in the context of the Korean industry struggling after Japan issued a ban on exporting some important materials. to produce screens and chips. This is also a way for Samsung to minimize the damage that may be caused by Japan's ban on chip and screen manufacturing.

Samsung tích cực đầu tư nghiên cứu chip, vật liệu màn hình nhằm đối phó với lệnh cấm xuất khẩu của Nhật Bản - Ảnh 2.

Samsung has chosen six research topics in the semiconductor field, including new semiconductor memory technology, new materials that stack over 100 layers of NAND flash memory and new generation semiconductor packaging technology using needles. outline. There are also 5 other themes related to the screen.

Other researchers include developing peripheral nerve fiber sensors to detect the pressure, temperature, distance and vibration of the skin. Or study air purification technology capable of distinguishing and eliminating fine dust in the air.

Up to now, Samsung has invested a total of 578.4 million USD for 535 research projects from universities and research institutes, and supported creative research projects that are in trouble due to source. government funding.

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