Same item, acquaintances quote 850k, close friends sell 830k, strangers sell 750k, who should buy? Jack Ma’s answer surprised everyone

Tram Ho

1. Story to buy tires

Someone wants to change car tires, he asks three different people and receives three completely different prices.

First, his acquaintance quotes 850 thousand dong a tire. Second, a close friend of his quoted 830 thousand dong a tire. And finally, when asked a stranger, he received a price of 750 thousand dong a tire.

If you were, who would you buy?

After thinking for a while, he decided to buy from strangers to save nearly 100 thousand dong. However, in fact, he did not make much profit because the tires he had ordered were completely inferior, the original price was only 200 thousand dong per tire and the other store had a profit of 550 thousand dong.

Meanwhile, acquaintances and close friends sell him high quality goods, each person only receives interest of 50 thousand dong and 20,000 dong only.

It can be seen that, when too much value is put into place, we often forget about risk when considering the value received.

 Cùng một món đồ, người quen báo giá 850k, bạn thân bán 830k, người lạ bán 750k, nên mua của ai? Câu trả lời của Jack Ma khiến ai cũng ngỡ ngàng - Ảnh 1.

2. The story of buying land

There is a thriving guy, making a lot of profits and preparing to start investing in a new project. He wants to buy a spacious and convenient land area to build office buildings for lease. An acquaintance sought and showed him the two areas for sale to come and talk to the landlord himself, discussing more carefully.

In the first land, the owner looks grumpy, fierce with a tall body, a large tattoo running on his arm. At the second site, the owner followed a lovely dog, smiling close and friendly. Two people quote the price of their land is not too big, along with the same external conditions.

During the exchange, the owner of the first land said: “This is the lowest price for this land. Previously, since I knew the referral, I left this good price waiting for you. Come and see, one dong can’t be helped anymore. ”

The owner of the second piece of land said: “We are too short to come to this place, sir, if I don’t sell this land, what can I take to live here. Or is it this way, considering that we have charm, I I will respect your face for a bit. ”

So the giddy guy signed a contract to buy land in the second area. When he finished buying and started surveying the construction, he was surprised to find that the soil properties here were completely unsuitable for investment and construction of large projects such as high-rise buildings. If you still want to build on your own, excavation and foundation work alone cost a lot of money and costs as well as preparation time.

On the contrary, it is the first land that people are determined not to lower prices to be the appropriate resource for long-term investment projects. The introducer after listening only sighed and said: “The true benefit will never be placed in front of you so easily.”

When asked about the choice between doing business with relatives and doing business with strangers, Jack Ma once said: “When selling to friends or family members. No matter what price you sell. they still feel you are making money from them. No matter how cheap it is, they will not appreciate it. ”

 Cùng một món đồ, người quen báo giá 850k, bạn thân bán 830k, người lạ bán 750k, nên mua của ai? Câu trả lời của Jack Ma khiến ai cũng ngỡ ngàng - Ảnh 2.

There will always be people who are not interested in COSTS, TIME AND EFFORT you spend. They would rather let others cheat, make money from me than support the people they know.

The simple reason is because these people always think: How much money can he make from him? Instead of thinking: How much did he save me?

This is a good example of the thinking and thinking of the vast majority of people who make Jack Ma say: “In sales, the first person who believes you are strangers. Friends will be wary. You, even your best friend will be far away from you, and your family will look down on you. ”

Therefore, in business, strangers are the best customers.

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Source : Theo Trí Thức Trẻ