Ryzen 5000 mobile specifications leak: High to 4.6GHz!

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Several retailers recently listed Asus and Lenovo laptops with next-generation AMD Ryzen mobile processors inside them. And these newly revealed specs fill most of the blanks in this series’ spec sheet, delivering an almost complete and logical, as well as reliable picture of the real line. upcoming products from AMD.

Specifically, the Ryzen 5000H / 5000U series is the next generation of AMD mobile processors with integrated Vega graphics. They are being used to replace the Ryzen 4000 Renoir generation. Previous leaks have revealed that the new product range includes two types of architectures: top processors will use the Cezanne design, one will use the Zen 3 design, and the rest will use the Cezanne design. using Lucienne, another Zen 2 design.

The Cezanne will be used most often inside the new H-Series products, designed for heavyweight laptops. Retailers have leaked the specifications of the R9 5900HS and R5 5600H, which show a 100-200 MHz boost clock speed. An entry on Geekbench also leaked the specs of the 5900HX, 200 MHz faster than the fastest Renoir generation.

While these are only minor clock increases, when combined with the Zen 3’s 20% IPC enhancement, the effect represents an impressive performance improvement.

Rò rỉ thông số kỹ thuật của Ryzen 5000 mobile: Cao đến 4,6 GHz! - Ảnh 1.

Italicized specifications are not confirmed, but are based on the reasonable inferences and context provided.

Interestingly enough, the Ryzen 5000 U CPU models on the U-Series laptops saw a mix of both Zen 2 and Zen 3 architectures. Specifically, the Ryzen 9 5800U uses the Zen 3 architecture, while The Ryzen 7 5700U again uses the Zen 2 architecture.

Previously, a few pieces of information on Geekbench and a leaked spec sheet described the core counts and clock speeds of most new U-Series chips. However, two different retailers have offered slightly different specifications for the R9 5800U and R5 5600U. These differences are said to correspond to the 15 W and 25 W configurations of the processor. In the table, the specifications of the 25 W configuration are in brackets ().

Among products using Cezanne architecture, the clock speed has been raised to 100-300 MHz, while the base clock rate remains the same. The specs of the Lucienne architecture aren’t very leaked, but the clock speeds revealed so far have been equal to or slightly lower than those of the respective Renoir chips.

Rò rỉ thông số kỹ thuật của Ryzen 5000 mobile: Cao đến 4,6 GHz! - Ảnh 2.

Last week, AMD announced that CEO Lisa Su will be participating in a virtual event at CES 2021 on January 12, 2021.

While it’s a bit too early to draw conclusions, it looks like Cezanne will offer a more powerful upgrade than the Renoir, while Lucienne will offer a similar level of performance. Retailers are listing a few models of Asus gaming laptops and a handful of Lenovo laptops for business. Cezanne and Lucienne are expected to appear in a wider range of devices, from more manufacturers than the Renoir.

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