RxJS – Combination Operators

Tram Ho

Combination Operators allow combining information from multiple Observables. The order, time, and structure of the result returned are the key distinctions between these operators. Here are some commonly used operators.

1. combineLatest

This operator is often used when multiple Observables exist for a long time, and their results need to rely on each other to calculate or take action. combineLatest will not return a value until each Observable returns at least one value.

The output operator is an array in which each element is a result of the Observable written in the operator in that order.

2. forkJoin

Also call all Observable, when all finished, returns the final data of all Observable.

3. merge

Turn multiple Observables into one Observable running in parallel. Returns results every time a child Observable returns the result.

Above are some Combine Operator. Reference source: https://www.learnrxjs.io/operators/combination/

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