Russian start-up announces a “face-changing” robot model like White Star, can simulate the appearance of anyone in this world

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Fortunately, this robot will not be able to move, and only works for 8 hours continuously to go to charge the battery.

Recently, Promobot – a start-up in Russia has suddenly announced the robot model (android) Robo-C with immeasurable transformation ability, which can become anyone in the world. Thanks to that, customers can completely choose the face for this android when ordering from the company.

Aleksei Iuzhakov, President of Promobot, said: ” Now, anyone can own a robot with any face they want to serve their work or personal purposes. Imagine, robots, with the face of Michael Jordan (American basketball legend) selling shirts; or a robot with the face of William Shakespeare casually reading the work of this genius writer at a museum. Wouldn’t this help attract more tourists?

Start-up Nga công bố mẫu robot thay hình đổi mặt như Bạch Cốt Tinh, có thể mô phỏng ngoại hình bất cứ ai trên thế giới này - Ảnh 1.

The chairman of Promobot is next to the company’s highly variable robot.

If you are a science fiction movie enthusiast, perhaps many people will immediately think of the prospect of rebellious robots approaching. Fortunately, Robo-C can only change face and cannot move. Moreover, each fully charged battery, it can only operate for 8 hours continuously only.

The neck and body have this robot model with 3 different rotation angles so that it can twist itself, turn left, rotate right easily. And the face, the most expensive part of Robo-C, has 18 dynamic components, allowing it to create 600 different expressions. Not to mention the set of 100,000 voice modules created by AI technology.

Start-up Nga công bố mẫu robot thay hình đổi mặt như Bạch Cốt Tinh, có thể mô phỏng ngoại hình bất cứ ai trên thế giới này - Ảnh 2.

And this is Robo-C after “transforming” into Aleksei Iuzhakov.

Promobot co-founder Oleg Kivokurtsev said: “ The most important thing in the development of Robo-C is to humanize the face but to digitize the personality. That will create an immortal digital copy of us that we can sell to our customers . ”

Share with CNBC news agency, Promobot said it has received a lot of orders for this robot model, and has conducted manufacturing 4 complete versions. One of these will be used at the administrative center to perform a variety of tasks, including scanning people’s passports. Another version is a copy of the genius Albert Einstein, used for an upcoming robot exhibition. The remaining two versions will simulate a couple in a Middle Eastern family, used in greeting guests to play house.

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